Love to Write Part 3

This post is going to look at writing from a different angle. We are going to look at how writing has helped myself and other people through challenging times.

As readers you have been on a happy, but at times, a bumpy journey with me, and I’ve been lucky to have readers who have stayed on this journey. We’ve looked at serious and relevant topics such as Autism and Relationships to My Six all time favourite skin products. This is the great thing about writing as you have the freedom to go where you want. It’s the same with emotions they can take you anywhere, so writing can be a good outlet for them.
My notepad and pen, full of ideas!

This leads me to one of the most challenging and emotional times of my life. Throughout my life I have been in and out of hospital. I have spent days and sometimes months stuck in a hospital bed just watching the world go by. All kinds of machines were attached to my body meaning I couldn’t get out of bed. Instead I was stuck with either an over the bed TV, or as a child colouring, although, I never got bored of colouring the Disney characters! Luckily when my Mum visited she used to bring pen and paper. I remember spending hours playing hangman, and noughts and crosses against my brother and sister. For those few hours we were a normal family.

One day my Mum left the pen and paper behind, and said “write how you are feeling”. I have always been a closed book about how I feel, but I can express myself through writing.I think at this point you should perhaps get a cuppa. I am going to talk about one of the most challenging and emotional times of my life. Have you got your cuppa ready?
I have my cuppa ready!

At aged sixteen I was rushed into hospital and placed into the Acute Assessment Unit. When I regained consciousness I realised I wasn’t on the Children’s Ward, and instead my surroundings were strange and unfamiliar. Machines bleeping, pain in my arm, and the shouts of nurses...this was my new scary reality. All I felt was dread and fear, and I just wanted my Mum, but I couldn’t see her. That soon all changed when she came rushing in with my brother and sister. My new reality really hit home, as I was told that I had collapsed and stopped breathing because of my heart. Once again I was stuck in a hospital bed, sat up, with machines attached to my body. Looking around at my family I could see the sadness and fear on their faces. I didn’t want to put my fears or concerns on them, so I stayed quiet. 
My Mum asked if I needed anything and I requested pen and paper. All the pain, fear, and sadness were written down. After I came out of hospital, my family had a read of some of the entries, and it allowed them to communicate how they were feeling. Writing for me allowed me to face head on staying in hospital, plus the treatment. To this day I still write down my thoughts and feelings about everything, as you can say how you truly feel, and it’s just between you and the paper.

Some wonderful readers have been in touch about how writing has helped.“Sarah” wrote a journal when her husband was really ill. She turned the journal into a short book for the whole family to read, if the children ever wanted to see what their Dad went through. “Sarah” also found writing very helpful to get her thoughts and emotions out when she couldn’t talk to her husband as he was too ill. It seems writing allowed “Sarah” to communicate how she felt during one of the hardest times of her life. By keeping a journal, she communicated and told her husband’s story to her family. Writing sounds very therapeutic for “Sarah” as she got to express herself through writing, and that stopped a build up of emotions.

“Marty” tried his hand at writing a book a year ago, which he enjoyed writing. A few months ago “Marty” kept a diary whilst abroad. He found that putting his thoughts down on paper, allowed him to think about what was going on in his head. He realised he needed to deal with his negative feelings  by acknowledging them. When “Marty” read back over his writing, he realised he’d been feeling bad for months about the same things, and he knew he had to fix them. Writing allowed “Marty” to think more clearly about life, and find a solution to help himself. It seems writing for some people, is an easier way to express themselves. 

On my different social media platforms I scroll down and see people posting about depression and anxiety. In the UK alone in 2014, 19.7% of people aged sixteen and over, showed symptoms of anxiety or depression. Some of the people closest to me have suffered, or are suffering with depression or anxiety and don’t feel comfortable talking. Watching “Katie” go through such low points, and isolating themselves breaks my heart. I suggested to “Katie” to keep a diary, and she now tells me she is writing about her feelings. Writing has allowed us to overcome a barrier of her not being to express how she feels. 

Recently I met a very dear friend called “Danny”whom I had not seen in many years. When I saw him walk through the cafe door I knew he had changed. His whole demeanour was wrong. We chatted about life, and the changes that had happened over the years, but I noticed there was something significantly different about our conversation, there was no laughter. “Danny” explained he had depression. He has been going through therapy and taking medication, but he still felt like he was lacking drive, and felt like a failure. If you read this “Danny,” you are a talented musician and teacher. Plus you are one amazing friend, who will always be in my life. “Danny” and I discussed about my blogging, and he showed a lot of interest. He explained how he could use blogging for his Masters. Just talking about writing seemed to make “Danny” happier.  I suggested he could also blog about his feelings and experiences with depression. As his friend I am going to help “Danny” with his blogging, with the hope that writing will help him.

Hearing people’s stories and experiences with writing has reinforced my love for it. That love may have disappeared for a few months, but it’s back burning bright. Meeting Chris who also has a passion for writing has made me more passionate, as we discuss ideas for articles and posts. We will be writing lots over the coming months. 

Talking and hearing about the different life experiences of people who have used writing as an outlet to express themselves, really shows the power of writing. It changes people’s mind sets and outlooks on life. Journals seem to help people, and maybe journaling is a way for people with depression and anxiety to express themselves. A useful website to look at, for writing a journal when you have depression and anxiety is positivepsychology. I hope this is useful to some of you. 

The rates of depression and anxiety are too high, and something needs to change. Perhaps the answer is in writing. If people sit and write down how they feel, and then maybe show their writing to someone they trust, this will start a conversation. Writing opens doors, and doors need to continue to open to move forward.

So when you next feel something, grab a pen and paper and write. See where your thoughts and ideas take you. There are no boundaries in writing. Remember to always talk to someone.

If you need further support please ask for help. 
Mind gives amazing support and help.

Plus remember I am always on social media if you need a chat! 💜

Until next time...



Fredrick Adehe said…
Writing helps people in different ways indeed. For me it helps me share my views on issues that would have rather stayed in my head.
Sarah Trademark said…
I might start writing down my thoughts as I think it will help xx
Anonymous said…
I've journaled for years and it's helped me cope with having a mental illness so much more than anything else
Writing is such an amazing form of expression! I wish more people used it, honestly. I find when I am having issues with something, I write and hopefully I can help others through that writing. That is my biggest joy.
Amber Walters said…
My blog actually began from me just writing my feelings without expecting anyone to read them. It has been a huge outlet for me and I do have six different notebooks with slightly different purposes in my bedside table. So glad it’s helped you :)
I have always believed that writing is so important and through writing a blog I have not only managed to express my feelings about life with chronic illness, but have also found a great supportive community. I hope that you don't mind but I have shared your link on my regular PainPalsBlg feature Midweek Magic - Inspiring Blogs for You, Claire x

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