It Isn't Christmas Without Watching these Five Things on the Telly!

It Isn't Christmas Without Watching these Five Things on the Telly!

Heads up! This post is sponsored by Panasonic, or the Oled 4k TV Panasonic range.

Well it’s the lead up to Christmas, and everyone is having a cosy night in around the tree, and in front of the TV. With candles lit and a cup of tea, we're checking out Panasonic's new range of Oled 4k TV's with their amazing depth of colour, gorgeous clarity and crisp, sharp definition, without seeming fake. I could go on about the features, but that get's a bit dry, so I'll keep it simple. It looks great, and the sound is better than Gareth's £600 studio speakers! I absolutely loved getting the opportunity to do this post, as Gareth and I have a friend who has spent the last few years doing post-doctorate research into OLED display technology, and, in his expert opinion, Panasonic are the best on the market for quality and longevity currently! We agree! 

Christmas is a time for nostalgia, and our Christmas telly viewing tends to take us back to childhood. The films we watch and love every year, or the TV shows we have grown up with. So we have got in our Christmas sweaters and hats, and we're going to watch some telly!

Ok. Wait. "Gareth, go make us a cup of tea please!"

Now we can start! Can't write without a brew!

Strictly Come Dancing

The scores are in for Panasonic... Even Craig has a 10 up!
The glitter! The sequins! The lighting! Oh yeah, erm, the dancing! Can't forget that... I have absolutely loved this series. From the entertainment from Graeme, who actually turned out to not have two left feet, to the amazing Stacey Dooley, who really can dance. This series has been full of surprises. We are going to watch the semi-final tonight and it is hard to say who will win. They all deserve to be in the semi-final. Personally, I want Stacey to win. Gareth said he wants Lauren to win. Either of those two would be amazing! This is where the Oled 4k TV from Panasonic really comes into it's own. Compared to the UHD display we normally use, the experience is far more authentic, it feels like you're there in the studio! Also, I can count every sequin and diamante. This could get dangerous if I drag Gaz shopping! Who do you want to win this year? Let me know in the comments!

Home Alone

You can’t have Christmas without watching this film! Gareth and I watched this film the other night after putting the tree up and ordering in Chinese! Both of us nearly ended up with no Chinese, as we laughed so much, and nearly spilled the food” I have seen this film a thousand times and my sides always split! The traps around the house are hilarious. My favourite is when the burgler (Joe Pesci) has his hair burned off... his comical timing is perfect! Macaulay Culkin is great as well. The chemistry between the actors is brilliant. I was always impressed by John Candy, who plays Gus Polanski (the polka band player.) An amazing comedian, he improvised a lot of his lines in the film, making the comedy natural. You can see his genius when he interacts with Kate (Katherine O’Hara) in the airport and van! With the age of this film, I didn't expect much from watching it on a 4k display, but I was pleasantly surprised. It looks like it was made last week, not 28 years ago!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (or Sorcerer's Stone, if you're across the pond!)

I have to say I prefer the book, however, the film is amazing. In my opinion the film didn’t really follow the book, however, I understand there are time constraints etc. The Christmas bit in the film is awesome, and the castle looks stunning! The special effects were amazing, I felt like I was in the film with Harry. The Great Hall looked so deep, I had to check I wasn't watching in 3D. The snow on the castle looked magical! However, I still can’t get the hang of chess! Gareth has beaten me for the 50th time....I am stroking his ego... (IT was only 49 - Gareth.) It's a film you have to watch every Christmas. Along with the other seven!

The Muppet's Christmas Carol

Must. Must. Must. I have watched this every year since I was 4.. every Christmas without fail... at least twice. Gareth, on the other hand, is from an alien planet, and only saw it the first time when he and I met. I really love this film! All the Muppets star in this. My favourite has to be Gonzo and Rizzo the Rat. The Chemistry between them is hilarious. The slapstick is timed at just the right moment and will have adults and children laughing their heads off. On Blu-ray it looks amazing. It's amazing how powerful the up-scaling and colour/depth is given the age of the original media!

Gareth said this is him, Scarlett and I. It's a good job we have friends that are funeral directors. 

Blackadder Christmas Special

This is a TV Special based loosely around A Christmas Carol, though a little backwards. It seems everyone wants to adapt Dickens! Blackadder and Baldrick in their comedic glory. Gareth had never seen it, but from beginning to end he laughed his head off! All the different characters work well together. Robbie Coltrane is exeptional, and he and Rowan Atkinson bounce off each other to create some comic dreams! I cannot tell you how great the timing is, and it's good to watch if you're in a hurry!

What are your must watch things at Christmas? Tell me down below, I'm always looking for new things to watch or old things to re-watch! And please go and check out Panasonic's Oled 4k TV range at

Gratuitous picture of our tree. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


Earthboundstars said…

Wonderful and very Christmassy post! The Muppet Christmas Carol is an Xmas staple for us as well, we watch it on Christmas Eve because "After all, there's only one more sleep til Christmas!" :)

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