Three of the best scenes from iconic british comedies!

Three of the best scenes from iconic British comedies.

As you will see in a post later on this week, I absolutely love comedies from what I like to call the golden age of British comedy, the sixties through the nineties. Shows like Father Ted, Dad's Army, Open All Hours, 'Allo 'Allo... they don't make 'em like that anymore! In this post, I'm going to share three of the all time best scenes from shows made in the Golden Age!

'Don't Tell Him, Pike!'

Is there anything more memorable than this scene from the Dad's Army episode 'The Deadly Attachment.' In this episode, Captain Mainwairing and his motley crew are tasked with guarding a German U-Boat crew until they can get a military escort sorted. Classic!

And for an added bonus - the phrase I use every time Gaz does something dim...

Don't mention the war!

Ah, Fawlty Towers. A TV show that would never be made now, can you imagine the complaints! It's hard to believe that this larger than life comedy only had twelve episodes made! But with every episode being packed with moments that had you rolling on the floor laughing, it seemed more. The relationship between Basil and Manuel was... interesting... how many laws and bad management practices can you break in twelve episodes...

But the best scene from this show HAS to be when the hotel receives German guests.  All the awkward hang-ups about history...

Priests in an underwear department.

Ah. Father Ted. I love it. Of course, it wouldn't be so great without Father Jack, the alcoholic priest who puts Gareth's language to shame! I'm just going to leave this here...

What made this show for me, was a group of priests getting lost in a department store, in the lingerie department! The impending doom and embarassment ... 'there's no way out!' Turning something relatively innocent into something side splitting.

Ah... Perfect!!

What comedies do you guys love? Let me know in the comments!

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John Quinn said…
Love Father Ted it’s the most quoted show here in Ireland. Virtually a day doesn’t go by without myself and my mates coming out with a line. You missed only Only Fools and Horses and the bit when delboy falls through the hatch in the bar. Classic. Maybe I’m showing my age with that one. Oh and Blackadder. Ok I’m sounding older now. Thx for some Tv memories
Hey John! Awesome! You and your mates sound like you have a laugh! Thank you for your lovely comment! I remember that moment from Only Fools and Horses, I saw it on a repeat! I am thinking of doing another post soon with more Tv classics! Omg I love Blackadder too! Blackadder is so clever, and the humour is hilarious. It’s a mixture of dark humour and family humour! Love it! Thank you again for your awesome comment! 😊

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