The Beach: A Sensory Experience

Today I write something a little different to usual, where I let you get inside my head as I experience the wonder of nature.

I sit on Scarborough beach watching people go by. Next to me is my notebook open. You may be wondering why my notebook is open, but it usually is so I can write down my thoughts as they come to me. It dawned on me that I should do a post about the senses. I am sat on a beautiful beach, and I should let my senses tell the story. I open my eyes wide, and see the world differently...


I am sat on my blanket with Scazzy. I can see a couple with another Jack Russell. The little Jack Russell comes over to say 'Hello,' then his owners call him back! I look up from the cute Jack Russell and I can see the endless horizon, where the sea meets the sky. The sun is beating down on the sea and a beautiful pattern is being made on the surface. The pattern almost looks like fairies dancing on the surface.
I look around and I can see Scarborough Castle on the cliff, standing there like a stone guard, guarding its' bay, as it has been doing for nearly a thousand years. I start to imagine Vikings trying to run up the cliff, and I begin to chuckle to myself, as I imagine a Viking walking along Scarborough beach right at this very moment... No, wait, that's just a guy with an awesome beard.
All the tiny little shops look like specks in the distance. These little old buildings have been stood there since Victorian times, in the shadow of their stone guard. I can see people walking past the shops and along the promenade. Just near me on the promenade is a family chatting about what they should do with their day. I can see the teenage girl looks a bit bored, and just wants to get moving.
Daisy starts to whimper because she is missing my Mum. My Mum has only gone to the little black and gold cabin to get drinks! The two dogs are on guard watching for my Mum. I can see above Scarlett's head the lighthouse. The white paint making it stand out on the blue background. I wonder how many ships the lighthouse has guided to safety during those stormy nights...

The bay and castle in the background, with two watching pups.


I put my hand down into the sand. I pick some up in my hand, and watch the grains sparkle in the beautiful sun. My toes are in the sand, the grans tickle my toes, but feel warm and like a blanket on my feet.
Daisy has got tired and is now snuggled up against my leg. I can feel her fur against the skin on my leg. She is so soft and fluffy. I lean back again the promenade wall and I can feel the lumpy rocks against my back, the roughness against my skin. Next to me a pretty little stone, it feels soft, but then rough on the edges. I inspect it for any fossils. A breeze starts up, and I lift my face up towards the breeze. The sand starts to whip me in the face. It feels like a thousand little needles pricking my skin. Scarlett comes up into my face, and gives me a big wet sloppy kiss, removing some of the sand on my face. I can feel the pain in my hips from the walk down to the beach. It feels like someone has my top half, and someone has my lower half, and they are pulling both ends. I have a sharp pain in my back, as if I have just been stabbed. I remember it's pain from all the nerves being pressed on. I feel the warmth of my hand as my Mum grabs mine in reassurance that the pain will go fade. My Mum's hands are soft, with wrinkles that tell thousands of stories. I feel weight on my legs where a very tired Scarlett has decided to flop down, then the pins and needles start... I hate them, they are so painful. It actually feels like someone is sticking pins and needles in my leg.


I can still taste the grains of sand in my mouth after the breeze. I try to eat a biscuit my Mum has given me, and I can taste ginger and sand! Interesting combination! Gareth has joined us, and he comes to give me a kiss. I can taste the hamburger on his lips when he kisses me. Mum mentions the hot chocolates have cooled down enough to drink. I take a sip, it is still hot. I can taste the sugar and the sweetness of melted marshmallows. The hot chocolate tastes the sweetest, almost like nectar. The sea has started to come in and the breeze has picked up, and the salt off the sea is being blown in. I can taste the salt in my mouth. My hair has blown into my face, and now I can taste my freshly washed hair. I get a taste of something florally. I give my Mum a peck on the cheek and I get a taste of rose face cream. It smells beautiful, but doesn't taste great! A couple walk by with Fish and Chips and my mouth begins to water. I begin to imagine the taste of salty chips and fish fresh from the sea! I think it may be dinner time soon!

Gaz, Mum and I by the sea.


My sister Hannah and her boyfriend Jack have come to join us. I can smell my beautiful sister's perfume as she hugs me. She smells like fresh flowers and honey. Jack gives me a hug, and he smells of men's aftershave. We are sat chatting, and someone walks by with doughnuts. I can smell the sugar, and again, my mouth begins to water. A dog runs up towards us all wet from being in the sea, and I can smell wet dog. Gareth is sat next to me and I wish I could say he smelled nice, but he let one off and it smells of onions. We all shouted "Gareth! What have you been eating!" Scarlett rescues me by jumping in my lap. I pick her up and give her a big cuddle. I bury my face in her fur, and she smells like Talcum powder and babies. I don't understand that, because I don't put talc on my dog! There is a whiff of Fish and Chips and curry in the air. I have noticed it, and so has everyone else. It makes me so hungry. All around me I can smell the breeze blowing off the sea. I smell the salt and sand floating on the breeze. Some child runs pass us and I can smell seaweed, wet and tangy.

My beautiful sister and her boyfriend, you can tell he's an engineer!


We all decide to move. Hannah and Jack go off shopping and walking around Scarborough. I want to go and watch the sea some more. The sea is coming in, and its going to be a feast for my ears. We pick a seawall on a footpath to sit on with the dogs. Wow! Mother Nature puts on a show. I close my eyes and I can hear horses running towards me, their hooves smashing against the water, it sounds like they aren't going to stop, and all of a sudden, and almighty "ROAAAR" My eyes snap open, and I realise the waves have crashed into the wall. The spray hitting us in the face. Luckily the dogs are sat behind us, so they aren't hit by the sea spray. I hear my Mum's voice go "WOW!" and Gareth's voice saying something but his voice is carried off with the wind. The wind speaks to me. I can hear the whistling of the wind and the bangs from the wind hitting the wall. More roars as the sea continues to hit the wall. Scarlett growls as the sea hits the wall. I think Scarlett is thinking the sea will attack us! A man calls his dog, who has run too far ahead on the footpath. Everything goes quiet,  I can hear my heartbeat in my ears... it's just my heart condition temporarily playing up. I try and concentrate on the sea. The sea is rumbling towards us. I am mesmerised by the sea and how it's putting on this beautiful show. I didn't realise I was stood so near the edge, "Ruth come and sit back down before..." The sea hits the wall, and I get a bit wet! I feel alive!

Allowing my senses to take over was amazing. We spend too much time with our heads in a virtual world, and we need to spend more time in the real world.

I know how precious life is, and I know that each day is a blessing, so getting to see, smell, taste, feel and hear life is a gift.

Once in a while try and let your senses take over, and let your senses show you the way.


Earthboundstars said…
Wow, this is such a beautiful read!! I've just had a stressful experience trying to access my blog and social media from a different computer, and being able to open up this and read it was so calming. I almost feel like I was there, with the wind blowing salt in my face and hearing the rush of the waves. You're such a fantastic writer!
Kirsten said…
What a beautiful post! So well written. Now I want to go to the beach πŸ˜‚
Thank you for your kind comment Earthbound Stars. πŸ’œπŸ’œ I am so sorry you had a stressful time with your computer. I am glad it calmed you, and you felt like you were there! I would love to take you to Scarborough one day! Thank you so much lovely! πŸ’œxxxxx

Thank you for the sweet comment Kirsten! πŸ’œπŸ’œ I am so happy you want to go to the beach! πŸ’œ
Your writing is so beautiful! I love where you wrote, "The pattern almost looks like fairies dancing on the surface." Love it!!

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