Scarlett and Mila, Oceans Apart, but still barking!

Scarlett and Mila, Oceans Apart, but still barking!
Two dogs, separated by an ocean, yet still both barking mad and going on adventures. They're clever, Scarlett and Mila are, they can both type. And they can use Google docs, which is more than can be said for Scarlett's Mummy! So without further ado, here are the adventures of two craaaaaazyyyy puppies!

Scarlett’s Adventures

So Mummy told me I have a new friend called Mila! Mummy showed me pictures! She is super pretty! Mummy told me Mila lives across the pond in a place called the U.S. It’s a long long way from Hull! I think I could run across the pond to see Mila, but Mummy keeps saying we have to get a plane… whatever that is. We can’t go in our 4 wheel box that goes vrooom. You know, the one where I stick my head out the window and enjoy the wind. I hope Mummy takes me to see Mila in the U.S.

It’s gone all cold here, I wonder if Mila has nice weather! On the floor it has gone all cold, wet, and there is crunchy “leaves” under my paws. Mummy said I can’t eat them though!
Mummy is a bit mad and took me to Bridlington. I went running all the way up the beach. Daddy couldn’t keep up again! He is getting old!! Mummy walked on the promenade as she was feeling a bit ill. Anyways Daddy chased me and chased me! I even tried the sea again, but it’s too cold. I wonder if there is sea where Mila is, and if it’s warm! I could paddle in warm water! It wasn’t all bad, because Daddy gave me some steak! Yummy!

Look I am with Mummy and Daddy smiling! I knocked Daddy’s glasses!
Like Mila’s Mummy, my Mummy takes me for long walks, and I can’t go in big puddles of water, but today, Mummy has been ill. Instead I have got to go to Nana’s again. I love Nana’s. She has the biggest garden ever! Like Mila’s Gpaws there are no rules. I run and run and run, and I chase my sister Daisy. Daisy is sooooo fast. I can’t keep up with her. I think her legs are longer. Not fair! Mila is little like me, which makes me happy! I wonder if Mila could catch Daisy!

Daisy is my sister. Mummy says we have the same eyes!
Big bonus is my Uncle Chris came home! He can run and run and run, unlike Mummy or Daddy. He picks me up, and pretends to dance with me! My tummy goes funny, like when Daddy describes rollercoasters. I like dancing. I wonder if Mila can dance! Mila and I could do ballroom dancing like on Strictly come Dancing! Why isn’t there a dog version of that! I want to wear a tutu!
Uncle Chris likes giving Daisy and I big hugs. I love big hugs. Big hugs are the best. I wonder if Mila likes big hugs. Uncle Chris gave us lots of treats, and then went running with us.
Uncle Chris hugging Daisy and I. I was sooo excited!
I hope I get to meet Mila soon. I may try and run across the pond to the U.S. I don’t think Mummy and Daddy will be happy….

Mila’s Adventures!

Hi Scarlett!! Mommy said I had a friend all the way across oceans so I asked if we could go see her and she said it was a little more difficult than just hoping in the carmobile. But she did say I could share some of my adventures with you so that’s really woofing cool!

I used to live in Richmond, Virginia near my grandpawrents and aunties until mom moved us out to Memphis, TN a year ago. In Virginia, my gpaws have a lot of grass that I’m allowed to run in. Some places I go mom will yell at me if I’m in a no-go zone. I try to keep up with all the rules but there are many!πŸ™„ but at the gpaws there are NO rules!!

You will never believe what we do there!! There is this big four-wheeled thingy that my gma gets on and when she turns it on it goes vrooooom. And I get sooo excited. Then all of the sudden the machine is taking her around the grass so fast and me and my cousin, Laila, chase after her!! I swear I get so close to her!! I think if I could completely focus on the big machine and my gma, I’d catch up, but obviously I have to keep making sure mom is still near me and safe. She always is, so I keep running! They say I look like a rabbit when I’m running after the machine but I’m not a rabbit, I’m a dog. So I don’t get it. But they all love when I run so I let it slide!

Mom says we are going back there for Thanksgiving and, if I remember correctly, that’s the day I get lots of goodies from the human table!! So I’m really excited. But I keep forgetting when that actually is. Paws crossed that it’s soon!πŸ€žπŸΌπŸ˜‹
I wonder if Scarlett gets a lot of food when the Thanksgiving is?!

As I mentioned earlier, mom moved me a really far ways away from the lots of land to a place she calls Memphis. It’s cool. I make a really good apartment dog. Or at least that’s what my grandpa says when he comes to visit!! I’m just happy wherever mom is. The absolute coolest thing about living here is we are next to this really big area of water!! I’m not allowed to go in it. Mom just about has a heart attack when I get too close. But I’m curious. What can I say?!

We go on long walks all the way past the water and up a big hill where there’s this big triangle looking thing. It’s HUUUGE. Mom likes to take pictures while we are there. I don’t love pictures. I mean I always look cute in them but I make it really hard for mom to get good ones.

This weekend it was very rainy and no fun, so remembering the sunny days makes me happy. Hopefully, it will clear up soon and we can go walk to the big triangle or the big bridge or somewhere new! I like it here!

Now, hooman readers, you can find Scarlett's Mummy's blog at and my Mummy's at and they'd both REALLY wag their tails if you signed up to their E-mail list or followed them on Twitter or Facebook!!


Sophie said…
This post has made me feel so happy, I loved reading every bit of it! Such an adorable idea! I hope Scarlett and Mila are having a pawesome day!
Anonymous said…
It's so cool seeing my post on mommy's blog and here!! Had so much fun writing this post with you Scarlett!! Can't wait to travel across oceans to visit!! <333
Thank you for your lovely comment Sophie! πŸ’œπŸ’œ Scarlett is having a pawsome holiday! She woofed, when I told her you thought she was adorable, so I think she is saying thanks! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ xxxx

YAY MILA! I’m happy we are on both blogs. Both our Mama’s posted our work! We are lucky! 😊 I will come and visit you one day!
Suktara said…
This post is cuteness overloaded ❤️❤️ what an innovative idea! Well done Scarlett and Mila
Geraldine said…
This is so cute! That's why Mila looked so familiar. Scarlett looks so adorablee, I love how you wrote this post!! 😊
Thank you so much for your kind comment Suktara! πŸ’œπŸ’œScarlett is happy to hear you like it! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œxxxx

Thank you so much for the sweet comment Geraldine! πŸ’œπŸ’œ Scarlett is so happy to think you are adorable! I am glad you enjoyed the article! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œxxxx

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