My Six All Time Favourite Skin Products for Slightly Oily and Sensitive Skin

My Six All Time Favourite Skin Products for Slightly Oily and Sensitive Skin.

So I am writing something slightly different, and I hope you guys enjoy. People have asked me how I keep my skin clear. So I thought I would let you into my secret... Due to the medication I take, I have rather sensitive skin, that get's slightly oily, but also dries out really quickly. It's hard to manage sometimes, but I have found these AMAZING products that are great value and keep my skin in tip-top shape!

My favourites, with added Yankee Candle!

1. Deep Cleansing Wipes by Osiris

If you wear make-up, so long as you take the make-up off properly you are onto a winner. These deep cleansing wipes contains purifying agents and zinc, which help cleanse and unplug your pores from make-up. They get the make up off, but I sometimes find the wipes a bit rough on my skin... but I have an answer to that! I normally purchase these from Bodycare, or most supermarkets in the UK, where they are around £1. 

2. No7 Revitalising Cleansing Wipes 

Wow! These wipes are the softest! I love them! My sister introduced me to them first, then after that I was hooked, thanks Hannah, my bank account now dislikes you!! The wipes are so soft on your skin, and they take off any make-up or dirt. The wipes really soften your skin up.
They are £7 in Boots, but I always ask for them for my birthdays and Christmases. Plus I have a Boots Advantage reward card, and you get coupons where you can get money off the wipes! Which is great until you can't find your card and six months later it turns up IN YOUR BOYFRIENDS WALLET!!!!!!!!! I was less than amused!

3. Garnier Skinactive Micellar Cleansing Water

I absolutely adore this product! All I do is use some cheap cotton wool pads, and I sprinkle the Micellar water on the pads. I then rub the pads on my face and it makes my face feel so revitalised. I leave it to sink in whilst I read a book, or watch some TV. My skin feels new after using the Micellar Water. It's also downright amazing in stopping the formation of blackheads and keeping your pores clean! 

You can get a massive bottle of this for a fiver on Amazon - click here to get it - which is more or less the cheapest I have seen it and it lasts ages!

4. Simple Rapid Action Spot Zapper

Wow! I discovered this and my spots disappeared! All you do is you rub the gel onto the spot! Leave the gel to sink in. You feel it almost deal the spot up. Don’t try and pick at it! It feels so refreshing on your skin! Gareth has tried it on his skin, and he even said it was refreshing! And this is coming from someone who pathologically hates 'cr*p on my face' as he puts it!

You can get a pack of six of these for £21 on Amazon - click here to see them - far better than buying them individually and honestly, they work better than a similar product I paid £12 for one tube of! so £21 for a year's supply is pretty awesome!  

The little roller ball feels awesome!!

5. Pure Cucumber Eye Roll-On

This stuff is awesome! I have bags under my eyes, because I get tired and ill. This helps reduce the bags, and refreshes my eyes. Again all you do is roll it on your eyes, and let it sink in. It makes your eyes feel less tight, and stressed. It relaxes the muscles around your eyes and helps you feel more alert and beautiful.

The best part. It's only £2.70 from Amazon, which, for it's results, is amazing. I normally don't say it so directly, but CLICK THIS GIANT HYPERLINK AND GO BUY IT!! Yes, it is just THAT good!

Gareth thinks it looks like a Sonic Screwdriver!

6. The Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream

This cream suits all skin types. When you put it on your skin it does not feel greasy. I massage in circles on my cheeks, forehead and around my eyes and it makes my face feel relaxed. I even put the cream around my eyes. The cream sinks into your skin very quickly and doesn't leave any oily residue. 

It's available on Amazon for £14 - click here to see - and is the last thing I use before bed. I think Gareth credits it for my lovely skin, and it's unisex, in fact, I've caught him nicking it a couple of times! (Okay - it feels nice, sssshhh - Gareth.) 


The best thing about all of these products is they do not cause me any issues. my skin is SUPER sensitive due to the medication I take (or maybe just bad luck, but it wasn't always like this) and a lot of products give me issues. So finding affordable products that don't cause blotching or ill effects cheaply is a nightmare.  So if you have rebellious skin, I seriously recommend checking these products out!

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Much Love
Ruth xx

Me after my skin regime! IT ACTUALLY WORKS!

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The Garnier Micellar Water is AMAZING! It's really gentle & budget-friendly! <3
Khadija | October's Lallu
Thank you for the kind comment! 💜💜It is budget friendly! I agree it’s AMAZING! ♥️♥️
Unknown said…
The pure cucumber eye roll-on sounds amazing! ☺️

Jenny • ‪


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