Autumn Tag Time!

I must say a massive thank you to Quarter Life Quest for tagging me in the Autumn Tag, or as some people call it the Fall Tag! I love Autumn. The colours, the food, the drinks you can experience. Plus how can we forget Halloween and Bonfire Night (for non-UK readers, this is where we celebrate someone trying to blow up the government. weird, right?) On top of that Strictly Come Dancing comes back on our screens! Who is your favourite?

1.What is one candle you MUST light every fall?       
The candle I must light every fall is the Yankee Cinnamon Candle. I order it off Amazon, because they are usually cheaper then in the shop! I love the smell of Cinnamon! It makes the house feel homely, and warm after getting in from a blustery day with the dog! The small wafts through the house, and Gareth ends up wanting to just sit over the candle and sniff it... and Scazzy relaxes! Bless her!

Okay... who left the eyes on the bat on when we went to sleep... GARETH!!!!! Creeped me out when I woke up for the loo!

2.When you think of Autumn, what does it remind you of?
Autumn reminds me of  farmers plowing the fields. Going to give food at the Harvest Festival. It reminds me of seeing my family, and spending time with them. It reminds of going conker hunting, which I still do at age 26! I will never stop conker hunting. It reminds me of watching fireworks, and holding sparklers. It reminds me of going on holiday to Scarborough. Though when it comes to conker hunting, Gareth hides as I tend to end up accidentally hitting him with them!

3.What is your all time favourite Autumn/Halloween movie?
My favourite Halloween movie of all time is The Shining (HEEEERE'S JOHNNY!) The movie isn't as good as the book, however, the movie is only loosely based on the book. Anyway, I am digressing. The Shining is an amazing movie, especially when you watch it with Gareth. I never warned him of the "Here's Johnny!" Gareth literally screeched like a girl and said "Why didn't you warn me?" I was too busy laughing my head off. The Shining was the first Halloween movie I ever saw, and it will always stay dear to my heart.

"Hello, I'm Johnny and I will be your attendant for the evening." "No, no, axe? What axe? I don't have a axe!"

4. What Halloween costume do you have in mind?
At the moment I am dressing up warm for Halloween because we will be at Scarefest at Alton Towers Theme Park. I may put on some extra black make-up. I am also thinking of pimping up my wheelchair, but not sure how yet. I will put pictures up though! In 2014 I was in my owl onesie, and my "adopted" sister from Norway called Ingvill was over and we watched movies.

We so trendy!

5. What is your favourite Autumn trend?
My favourite Autumn trend is woolly hats. My favourite woolly hat is my Yorkshire Viking hat! Gareth bought me it at our second cricket game! I can't stop wearing it. I love woolly hats because you can team them up with any outfit and still look trendy!

YORKSHIRE, YORKSHIREEE! Though hoping for a better season than this one next year!

6. When you think of Autumn, what drink comes to mind?
In Autumn I always love the Costa drinks range they bring out. Anything at Costa that has Cinnamon, chocolate or ginger in has me won over!

Costa's drinks are the best!

7. What is your go to Autumn beauty product? A must have staple!?
For me the must have beauty product for Autumn is hand cream. Your hands dry up so much during Autumn! I love "Hand Food" by Soap and Glory at Boots! People say my hands are so soft, and I love how it's not greasy! I think Gareth needs to buy me some more... and on that note, both he and you can buy this here.


8. Do you prefer apple pie or pumpkin pie
Gareth and I are suckers for Apple Pie, however, I love the cakes that Costa has in its Autumn range! Especially the Gingerbread Muffin!

Look at the cute gingerbread man!

9. Do you have any Autumn Traditions? If so tell us all about it!
Our Autumn Tradition is we go to Scarborough, and usually the holiday in Scarborough falls on my birthday! I love being by the sea during Autumn because the waves are wild! I love going for walks along the Promenade under the fairy lights. I love getting a Hot Chocolate and sitting on the front watching the waves. I love just walking around Scarborough experiencing the sights and smells! Most of all I love being with my family, friends and Scazzy and Daisy when we go to Scarborough.

Mum, Marie and I at Scarborough Marina, with the cliffs and castle in the background.

10. The moment of truth, is Autumn your favourite season?
Autumn is 1000% my favourite time of the year because of the colours, the celebrations, the atmosphere, the crunchy leaves and conkers! I could really go on. I see Autumn as the end of one chapter, but at the same time the beginning of another, because without Autumn there would be no Spring. Plus I am an Autumn baby!

I enjoyed writing this, and now I tag you guys to tell me what you love about autumn/fall!

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Earthboundstars said…
Gingerbread muffins WHAT??? I have to try those now. Your trips to the fair look so fun! That sounds like a really nice tradition to have. I love your jack-o-lantern and owl decorations, very cute and festive!
Thanks for the tag! Fall is deff a fav season of mine!
Sam Space said…
For me, all of the senses come alive in the fall. Smell, taste, touch, etc. I love the pumpkin spices, warm apple pie, and stuffing! Savory, comfort foods are a MUST for me during this time. I also love fall activities like apple picking, pumpkin picking, haunted houses, hayrides, and much more! I also love the crisp, cool weather (this summer was so so hot!). The autumn foliage makes me happy too! Thanks so much for the tag, Ruth.
Tha k you for the kind comments. πŸ’œπŸ’œ Yes Gingerbread muffins! So yummy! I love going to Hull Fair, it’s on every year! Thank you so much, I am glad you like the decorations. πŸŽƒπŸ˜Šxxx

Thank you for the sweet comment Samantha! ♥️♥️ You are so right, all the senses come alive! I am so glad I tagged you! It sounds like you have tons to write about in the Autumn post! Can’t wait to read your post. πŸŽƒπŸ˜Š xx
I love all of your answers! I really want the drink you posted and the muffin - look so yummy! And now I need to go buy another candle, because I just used up my first fall candle of the season. Thank you for sharing all of these lovely fall favorites! ♡
I love all your answers to this tag! I couldn't agree with you more on the woolly hats though, they're just the best!
Hannah said…
I love Autumn! It's definitely the best season, love this post.

I've nominated you for a blogger recognition award on my post here
Thank you for the kind comment Help Momma Sparkle! πŸ’œπŸ’œ Yes go and buy new candles! 😊♥️Xxx

Thank you for your lovely comment With Every Sunrise! πŸ’œπŸ’œ Woolly hats are the best! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•xxx

Thank you for your kind comment Hannah! πŸ’œπŸ’œ I know, thank you so much! I will go and check your blog! 😊♥️Xxx

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