The One Where Scarlett Writes Her Doggy Diary

Hi, I'm Scarlett, I'm a six year old Jack Russell - Whippet cross and I've taken over my mummy's blog for the night! I'm going to write you my diary for the month because I'm a clever dog who can use this weird red box that clicks! 

Look, I can use 'puter! Also, is that a picture of me on it? I fink it is!

So Mummy and Daddy took me for a long walk in the forest. There are lots of trees. Daddy tries to run with me but couldn’t keep up with me, I'm too fast, nah-nah-nahnahnah. Daddy kept stopping, I think he was panting, out of breath, Daddy's unfit! We met another doggy. Mummy loved it, it was brown and bigger then me. I heard Mummy call it Barry and a lab. What’s a lab? Barry the lab smelled funny! Plus he was oldddd. Yet Mummy thought he was cute and cuddly. Silly Mummy. Daddy kept throwing my ball, but I left him to fetch it because there was too many bushes to look at!

Mummy and Daddy took me to a beach. They called it Hornsea. Funny name for a beach! Good thing is Mummy and Daddy got me, erm, I mean themselves sausages and chips. I pulled the best puppy face, that is what Mummy calls it. To all my doggy friends, if you want sausage, pull a puppy face. It works. After pulling the puppy face Mummy gave me some sausage, and then Daddy did, plus I got a few chippies. I had to do paw for the chips. How unfair is that! Having to sit then do paw! Mummy and Daddy don’t do paw for food! Then silly Daddy spilled curry all over his pants!
We went on the beach and I ran, the wind blowing my ears about. Daddy tried to run and keep up with me. He fell behind, then he fell over, silly Daddy. I ran at some water, it was a big puddle the size of the world! I ran at it, then it chased me, then went back. Why did the puddle do that? Mummy told me it was the sea... it was weird! I ran away from it chasing me. No like it!

Me looking at the giant puddle with my Mummy, waiting for Daddy to bring FOOOOD! Also, don't you think my cute red harness is fabulous? It means I don't hurt my neck when I run, and it looks cute!

Note from Mummy, the 'puter taker overer - It was Scarlett’s birthday on 7th September!
Mummy one day just gave me loads of treats and toys after taking me to my favourite shop! I don’t know why! Mummy and Daddy gave me a cake and sang something funny called Happy Birthday. What’s a Birthday? Well I hope it comes again because I always get treats!


Mummy and Daddy took me to another beach. Daddy called it Bridlington. Why are there strange names for beaches? Anyway we went on the beach. I ran to the sea again, and this time I went in, I'm not going to be scared of that silly thing again! It was so cold but I loved it! I went in a few times! I drank some of the sea. It tasted funny. Mummy gave me some nice tasting water after. Daddy didn’t come in the sea though! Neither did Mummy. Big scaredy pants! There was a couple of big dogs, and I told the big dogs I didn’t want to play, but they didn’t listen so I hid behind Mummy.
Mummy and Daddy went for food in a pub. What’s a pub? The pub served food. So I was happy!
Mummy and Daddy gave me a few chips and I made friends with another doggy. He wasn’t big, and he was called Darcy. He was quite cute. He kept looking at me. I loved his ears. Darcy smelled nice. I saw he had a poorly leg like Mummy. I still liked him though! I tried to sniff him, and he sniffed me back!

Daddy, come in!!! Please!!! I've been brave, why can't you!?!?!?!
Tired now. I'm going to have mummy's place.

Now we are home and it’s bedtime, and I need to stop writing now. I am tired. Sleep time now.
I hope you enjoyed my adventures!

Plus if there are any doggies out there who wants to tell me what they did, let Mummy know. She sits at this funny box that has a light on and clicks. It’s weird!

Anyways night! Lots of snuggles and doggy kisses to you all!

Mummy sometimes uses affiliate links in her posts. These are links to products she (and I) love. If you purchase through these links, Mummy gets a small commission to buy me even more treats and it doesn't cost you any extra.


RamblingWoman said…
Sounds like Scarlett had quite the day! Such a fun idea to have your pup “takeover” your blog!
Abby said…
Hi Scarlett!! It sounds like you had a really splendid month! Your post is so cute and funny!! Thank you for sharing!!πŸΆπŸ’•
Thank you for your lovely comment Ramblingwoman. ♥️♥️Scarlett enjoyed taking over! 😊🌸xxx

Hi Abby! Thank you for your lovely comment. πŸΆπŸ’œ I had a great month! Mummy is taking me out on an adventure again! πŸΆπŸ’•
Anonymous said…
You have a very clever, and very gorgeous dog πŸ˜‚
Earthboundstars said…
Clever Scarlett! I laughed out loud at the water chasing her lol! Such a brave girl and no wonder, she has a fearless mummy!
So cute! I think you will enjoy the book "The Art of Racing In The Rain" by Garth Stein, which is a wonderful novel told from the family dog's point of view.
Thank you for your kind comment Anon! Scarlett was happy to hear you think she is gorgeous! 🐢♥️

Yay! Thank you for the kind comment Earthbound star! πŸ’œπŸ’œ the water chasing Scarlett was so funny! I was trying so hard to not fall about laughing! Aww wow! Thank you for saying I am fearless! πŸ’•πŸ’•

Thank you for your kind comment BabyBoomer Super Saver! 😊 I will have a look at the book you recommended. Thank you. 😊❤️🐢
Unknown said…
Happy belated birthday Scarlett!! love the pic of Scarlett on the computer hehe very creative.

Joy at
Thank you Joy! That means a lot to Scarlett! 😊🐢♥️

Thank you for your kind words Sheryl. Scarlett is happy you think she is adorable. 🐢♥️
Happy birthday to Scarlett!
We have been to Hornsea and Bridlington, so cool to recognise your beaches!
Our daughter and her family used to live in Leven.
KB Gamblin said…
OMG this is the cutest thing I've ever read! Please post more soon, Scarlett! I read this post outloud to my pupper, Indy, and he was wagging his tail the whole time.
KB |
Naz Garcia said…
Adorable blogger doggy. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• love this. 😊
Scarlett says thank you for your lovely comment! 🐢♥️I am so happy you recognise the beaches. Hornsea and Bridlington are beautiful!! Wow! Leven is a very pretty place! I hoped your daughter liked living there. 😊🌸xxx

Scarlett says she will post more soon! 🐢♥️ Thank you for your kind comment KB! Scarlett is happy to hear Indy likes her post. I will have a look at your blog. 😊🌸xxx

Thank you for the kind comment Naz. 🐢😊 πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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