The one where Gareth messes his pants, and I try to play Action Man

On Tuesday last week Gareth and I decided to go to the seaside. As always it was very uneventful...

We live in Yorkshire and we are so lucky to have access to all the beautiful coastal towns on the East coast. Gareth and I decided to take Scarlett with us to Hornsea!

The journey was beautiful, seeing all the fields changing colour as we slowly start to drift towards autumn. The farmers harvesting their crops. It was hard to take pictures on the twisty bends of the country road with a rather excitable puppy sat on my knee. Scarlett behaved so well. And yes, she may be six, but she will always be our puppy!

We arrived at Hornsea after an hours drive, and we were both starving. So we decided that we should have fish and chips. Okay let me correct that, Gareth is scared of fish (weirdo,) so he had sausage, chips and curry and I didn't fancy fish that day, so I had sausage and chips too! We sat in the car eating our sausage and chips, and sharing the curry. Scarlett has a thing for curry... she was pulling the begging face... a bit like she did in this previous post where she caused utter chaos!
Mummy, give me some curry and sausage!
Everything was going so well. Gareth wasn't talking with his mouth full. I have to say since his surgery on his mouth its been a lot quieter, plus he doesn't talk with his mouth full now! It's usually Scarlett and I who destroy the peace and tranquilty by spilling food, much to the hilarity of Gareth. This normally gives him ammunition to take the mick out of me, but the shoe was on the other foot this time...IT WAS GARETH WHO MADE A MESS! We were sat watching the sea, eating our food... .

This nice view, and the silence was broken by Gareth.

... when Gareth shouted "OH BALLS! I HAVE DROPPED CURRY ON MY JEANS!" I had zero sympathy for Gareth, so I cackled my head off, which he usually does to me. Scarlett looked desperate just to lick up the curry. Gareth asked me "Ruth check the glove box for some napkins." So whilst cackling my head off I checked the glove box. "Gareth there is nothing in there other than your sunglasses, you will have to go back into the Chip shop and get some napkins." Gareth looked horrified at the idea of having to get out the car, looking like he pooed himself to get napkins. I couldn't get them, and Scarlett is a dog and can't talk, so Gareth ended up getting out the car. People gave him such strange looks. He got the napkins, cleaned himself up and finished the food. Scarlett was a happy dog, because she got some Sausage. Once Gareth had eaten, he offered to buy ice cream. He is such a star. Gareth went off to get the ice cream.

Happy Scarlett after some Sausage

We really enjoyed the ice cream, and this time Mr Messy Pants managed to not drop any on himself and I managed to not drop any on myself as well. Although i did notice Gareth brought extra napkins with him, I guess miracles do exist! The ice cream was delicious. Gareth was suffering with the cold in his mouth, so I offered to eat his ice cream, being the good girlfriend I am, but he refused! Apparently he'll be damned if he lets something as minor as major dental surgery stop him eating ice cream!

I had two flakes!! Yummy!

We decided we needed to walk all the food off, so we decided to go for a walk. Scarlett was so excited. We went on Hornsea beach, Gareth jumped down with Scarlett on to the beach, he turned around and shouted up to me "Ruthie go and use the steps!" I looked back and said with a smirk on my face "I may have one leg, but seriously how hard can it be!?" I could see the realisation and horror on Gareth's face. I sat on the ledge thinking I was Action Man, and positioned myself to jump. What I didn't think about was how I was going to land on one leg. Gareth shouted " Ruthie, don't be stupid, I will come and help you down the steps." Well I obviously knew best because I am Action (wo)Man. I pushed myself down, and landed on my one good leg, my right one. It gave way, and I ended up eating sand! Clever me! Never tell Gareth but he was right! Gareth helped me up, with my pride bruised, and my hip aching I said "I am fine, just a bit of sand..." I said this as I spat out half the beach, and dusted myself down! Scarlett was less than amused.

Once I was dusted down, look at the view that I saw...

The beautiful view at Hornsea.

The beach was hard to walk on, but I was determined to walk with Gareth, whilst Scarlett ran around. It was nice to see Gareth acting carefree after he had had a pretty nasty week with his surgery. Gareth decided to do his best impression of Jazz Hands... I am not sure Judge Rinder would be impressed!
Gareth doing Jazz hands

Judge Rinder doing Jazz hands!

Who does better jazz hands? Let me know in the comments below.

Scarlett really enjoyed the walk, because she could run around like a mad woman. She kept running back to me, to run at my side. For a dog that was never let off-lead until last year she is brilliant, and somehow knows not to run away!

Woman's best friend

We continued you to walk all along Hornsea beach, until we reached the start of another beach. It was so unspoiled and beautiful. There was nobody on this beach we discovered. I expected to see some dinosaurs nesting on the beach! When I said this to Gareth, he replied with "Nah, we left your mother at home!"

Look how untouched this beach was. There was no nesting dinosaurs!

We decided to start to head back to the car. When I am with Gareth and Scarlett, I know how lucky I am to have family. They are both so special to me. Gareth got this picture, and Scarlett decided to do this....

Moral of this story is Gareth should never take the mick out of me for dropping food on myself, because he will end up looking like he pooed himself. I should realise I am Action Man, but I only have one working leg, so should realise how to jump better! Guess that parachuting course will have to wait a while.
Plus we must remember how each day is a gift, and should be loved.You never know what lies around the corner.
Love Life.


Suktara said…
This was one jolly good post! Just the right dose of humour lifts the mood. And this was did just that.
Beccablogsitout said…
Sounds like you had a lovely day! And my jazz hands vote goes to Gareth 😊
Thank you for your kind comment Sumatra. πŸ’œπŸ’œ I am so glad you enjoy the humour! 😊 xxx

Aww thank you for the sweet comment Becca! πŸ’œπŸ’œGareth is happy with that vote! 😊 xxx
Stephanie Jay said…
This post made me laugh so much, sounds like you had such a lovely day - I’ve got an urge to go to the beach now! ❤️
Casi said…
This made me giggle. Good post!
Aww thank you Stephanie Jay, your comment is so kind. ❤️πŸ’œ I am glad it made you laugh. You should go to the beach! 😊🌸xxx
Aww thank you Casi for your sweet comment! πŸ’œπŸ’œ I am happy it made you giggle. 😊🌸xxx
Jo said…
Love life. You certainly do Action Woman!
Emily Florence said…
Sounds like you had such a lovely day! The beach looks absolutely beautiful and Scarlett sounds like a very lucky pup! I love the humour side to your posts, and the this has definitely made me want to take a trip to the seaside...
Lol you should have had Scarlett clean up the curry pants lol

Joy at
Alex said…
Seems like a perfect afternoon by the seaside. I miss walks like these.
I was with you the whole time while reading the post. I love how get to the smallest details, usually that's what makes the storytelling seem more vivid. And Gareth definitely has an upper hand on the jazz hands impression hahaha

Great post, overall! ☺☺
Aww thank you for the kind comment Jo! πŸ’œπŸ’œ Haha I love being Action Woman. 😊🌸xxx

Aww thank you for the sweet comment Emily. πŸ’œπŸ’œ We loved the day out, and I think I perhaps spoil Scarlett. Haha! 😊 I am so glad you love the humour.❤️ You should take a trip to the seaside! πŸ’œxxx

Thank you for your comment Joy! πŸ’œπŸ’œ Your comment made me laugh! I should of thought of Scarlett clearing the curry off the pants at the time it happened! πŸ’œxxx

Aww thank you for the kind comment. πŸ’œπŸ’œI love walks along the beach! I hope you get a chance to go to the beach! 😊I love the fact you enjoy the small details. It means a lot to me. Gareth is super happy he won jazz hands! 😊🌸xxx
Emma said…
Lovely post, every day is an adventure. Sounds like you're a good team. Thanks for sharing.
Aww what a lovely adventure. You and the little family are so lucky to live so close to the coast. My dog has never been but I think he would love it. ��

Stephanie xox
Aww thank you Stephanie for your kind comment. πŸ’œπŸ’œ We are so lucky to be by the coast. I hope one day you can get to the coast with your dog. ❤️ Xxx

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