The Blogger Recognition Award

Well, I am in utter shock. There are so many talented bloggers out there. I found out on Saturday that The Daily Aimee had nominated me for The Blogger Recognition Award, then I have got up today to find out ALJ had also nominated me for The Blogger Recognition Award. I am in total shock that both these talented and amazing bloggers could nominate me.

First I want to say a massive thank you The Daily Aimee. This young lady is so lovely to not only chat to, but I love reading her blog posts. I always go and have a nosy on her blog. The Daily Aimee Blog covers everything from Anxiety and Poetry to TV and Movies. I have to say all the blog posts that she posts are so engaging. you are transported into Aimee's world. Some of the Anxiety and Poetry posts stir up emotions, then you have her shopping hauls that make you smile, and they always make me want to do some shopping! I am so excited to see where Aimee goes with her blogging. She is an extremely talented and wonderful writer. I am sure she is going to go far!

Secondly, I want to say a huge thank you to ALJ (Abby, Lauren and Jordan). These three girls run a blog together, and they blog about everything! My favourite thing about their blog is they have 'Women Wednesday' where they talk to other talented young women. They empower other women. I am enjoying their blogs, and all three girls are extremely talented.  I love how all three of the girls manage to engage the readers on their blog. I am learning a lot from ALJ!

Please go and read both these blogs, I have linked them further up, but I am going to link them again here:

Before we go any further I want to say a massive thank you to everyone in the blogging world that supports me. I really could not do this without you guys! I also have to say thank you to Gareth for the continuous tea making! (When he remembers!)

The Award

The Blogger Recognition Award is given by fellow bloggers to recognise others within the blogging community. It is really a fantastic way to recognise each other's hard work , as well as share the love for blogs and bloggers we know and love.

The Rules

  1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you (me!)
  2. Write a post as to why you started your blog.
  3. Include 2 bits of advice you would give to other bloggers.
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on their response (I am nominating 17 as its my lucky number!)

Why I started this Blog

The Rolling Twenties was born from wanting to help people in life. As humans we all face some kind of adversity and I wanted to help by talking about my experiences with ill health, as people then know that they are not alone. Carers and patients themselves can find ill health so daunting, and to hear another perspective on it can sometimes help you and calm your thoughts down. I also write about the adventures and mischief I get up to, to show that life can be fun! Yes, there are challenges to overcome, but if I can overcome them - a person who is haphazard, dim, only has one working leg, a dodgy ticker and a temperamental brain, well then there is hope for everyone else! I always try to put humour into the writing, so anyone who reads this will smile. If you've had a bad day I want you to read my blog and feel a bit happier, as everyone deserves to be happy. Gareth says I'm a little ray of sunshine! I really have to say a quick thanks to my Mum and Gareth who said I should start this blog, as my experience may just help others. This is the main point of the blog, to help others.

I don't blog about the normal things because I am not normal. I am Ruth. I don't know what normal is. I want to tell you, the reader, about my mad experiences and the fantastic adventures I go on because I want you to feel involved all the way. Every day of my life feels like an adventure because I am lucky to be alive. I want you to leave my blog feeling happy and wanting to come back.

The name The Rolling Twenties comes from the fact that I use a rollator, which is basically a frame on wheels with a trendy seat on (and a cool shopping basket!) I push the rollator and the wheels roll, pretty self explanatory. Then I lose coordination and crash into Gareth's ankles. I am 26, so I am in my twenties, so that is where the name comes from....THE ROLLING TWENTIES! It's totally not a play on words on 'the roarin' twenties,' honest!

So lets move onto my Blogging tips. I hope you find them helpful!

Blogging Tip Number 1

Write about what you love

If you are blogging, or you starting to blog you must blog about something you love. I blog about my experiences and adventures because I love to storytell. So long as you write about something you love, be it beauty or books, and you put that love and time in your writing you will go far. Even if you aren't getting many views sometimes, the interactions you have and the relationships you build will change your life for the better. Do not pick a subject you don't love because you will not come up with any ideas for posts.  When you write about something you love the ideas come to you naturally, you don't have to sit for hours trying to think about what to write. It will just come to you, and then you can write, your fingers dancing across your keyboard! Plus you need to make sure you have a cup of tea, because that will warm your heart up, and you will pour more love into your writing! And biscuits, everyone loves biscuits! I've just reminded myself ... "GARETH, make a brew please!"

Blogging Tip Number 2

Social Media

You need to attach your blog to social media. This includes Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. I am sure there is more but those are the main ones. The good thing about attaching them to social media is more people will see your blog. For example on Facebook you can join groups related to your blog and meet other bloggers like yourself. You can post on your own personal Facebook, or even set up your own page for your blog on your Facebook. There is so much you can do with social media to connect with readers and friends, and also pick up great advice. I love social media for both of those reasons, but to also help my fellow bloggers. Blogging is daunting, and if you join Social Media you will find a mad, but lovely bunch of people who want to help you. We are all in this together! I have High School Musical stuck in my head... 

I would like to nominate these amazing bloggers, as I believe they deserve the recognition:

I really could go on forever with this, because there are so many talented bloggers out there!


ALJ said…
You are so sweet, Ruth!! We are so happy to have met and interacted with you virtually!! Can’t wait to read more of your wonderful work!💕
Aww Thank you for the kind comment ALJ! 💜💜 I am so happy we met and interacted virtually! I look forward to seeing more of your blog as well! ♥️♥️ Xxx
Aimée said…
It means so much to me that you think that, you bring positivity to me from miles away on a daily basis and for that I'm so grateful. Please keep lighting up our days and our feeds with your wonderful posts and amazing positive vibes! Big love x
Aww wow, thank you for the kind comment Aimee! 💜💜 I am so glad you are getting the positivity. I hope one day we can meet. 😊 I will keep up the best work I possibly can. Aimee remember you are an amazing person. ♥️Sending big love xxxx

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