The one with the curry, and messy dog.

You may remember reading about Scarlett and how she was sick on me, then shortly afterwards saved my life. If not, you can find it here.
Well, for my 21st, I decided to have my friends round to meet my puppy and have takeaway, drinks, films and you know, just be girls.
See cute Scazzy again as a puppy.
We all decided to get a range of curries from our favourite Indian. Scarlett was put in her cage, and she sat having her puppy food, whilst we all ate. It was going so well until, I, being the idiot I am, decided to let Scarlett out her cage. Now just imagine, we are eating off our knees. Guess what happens next...SHE JUMPED STRAIGHT IN MY CURRY AND STARTED TO ROLL AROUND IN IT, AND EAT IT! I lost my Indian Takeaway. Whilst my friends were there I had to clean the mess up, myself up and a very mucky puppy...

So you understand my nervousness when my boyfriend, just now, suggested we eat Indian, but this time it would be at a table. I really wouldn't put it past Scazzy to try and jump on the table. Scarlett didn't jump on the table, but as I was eating some Naan bread this happened....

Mummy, look I'm doing paw...GIVE ME FOOD!

Just remember I had already given Scarlett her tea...

Come on Mummy... YOU ARE BEING UNFAIR!

I was eating my curry and Naan bread by this point.

I will keep doing paw..BUT I AM IGNORING YOU!

By this point I was laughing at Scarlett...and dropped some rice...

Did you just drop some rice...I will acknowledge you now...LOOK I AM DOING PAW MUMMY!

In the end I gave her the tiniest corner of some Naan bread, just to save my curry and table.

Now this table... We have finally gone into the land of civilisation after me nagging Gareth for ages.  I wanted a dinner table and he kept saying we had no room. So he has spent the last few months building an extension to the house, solely so he could put the washing machine in there and a pull-out dining table, which was originally far larger and lovingly butchered with a jigsaw to make it fit, under the kitchen unit.  Ok... I had to wait, but I now have a table, a fact of which Scarlett is likely less than impressed with, as she can't jump in my food anymore!

Finally, a dining table!

Moral of the story, puppies and messy food do NOT mix! Have you got any amusing animal stories? Let me know in the comments, and if you liked this post or my others, share them with the world.

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Yaya said…
I loved this post,so funny! And great pics too :) xx
Aww thank you for the kind comment Yaya! ❤️I am so glad you liked it. 😊 xx
Hahah great story! As much trouble as they bring, dogs make a home and I can’t remember life without mine anymore! Xxx
Aww thank you for the kind comment Sarah! ❤️ You are right dogs make a home! I can’t imagine being without Scarlett. Xxx

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