Short Storytime-Quickie in a DisABLEd toilet apparently

During the red hot heatwave in the UK, my boyfriend Gaz had the bright idea to go and see the Cricket. I will admit, just this once that I quite enjoyed the Cricket.

We were driving up to Durham, when I decided I needed the toilet-we were already running late for the Cricket!
Anyways Gaz parked up at Ferrybridge services, where we grabbed a quick drink and a snack. Then I decided to find the Disabled Toilets. We passed a group of builders, and I parked up outside the Disabled toilet. I was using my rollator that day, and I depend on it heavily. Has anyone ever tried doing a 3 point turn in a toilet cubicle in the Women’s? I tried once and got stuck! I was rooting through my bag for the key to the Disabled toilet, and I couldn’t find the key, I had flipping lost it. Gaz said “WHSmith have a radar key. Wait here I will go and get it.” I think he thought I would do a runner....I stood there for 10 minutes, with my legs crossed waiting for my knight in shining armour. In my head I was swearing at myself, and him for not hurrying up! Gaz got back with the key, and the  Builders were stood nearby, when one shouted “OI MISSUS ARE YOU GOING FOR A QUICKIE WITH HIM!?” At which point I answered back “He should be so lucky, I need a wee and he’s in my bad books for taking so long... so ERM NO!” Gaz stood there looking like he wanted the ground to swallow him up.
Moral of the story: Gaz should be quicker with the key! Although he still wouldn’t get a quickie! 

Footnote: Gareth did think Ruth was going to do a runner, as it is a common occurrence that Gareth will be looking at something in a shop, turn around and Ruth will have completely disappeared with her rollator.

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