Living, Laughing and Loving life!

Hey everybody!
I thought I would do a quick blog just to let you all know I am going to expand beyond just talking about disability.

Yes I am disABLED, and I am going to get this boring paragraph out the way. I have Epilepsy, Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome, which is a heart condition. I have problems with my nervous system which affects my mobility and eyes. My spine is also damaged, and I have arthritis and bladder problems. I have been given no “umbrella” term, and that is fine. This does NOT define me. As you will see in my blog I have so many passions, and dreams, and things I want to achieve. I LOVE TO LIVE! Plus I have to say I have some amazing people in my life. ❤️

I will talk about books, news, what I get up to, the fun times I have. This is to show that yes I may be disABLEd but I lead a life as well.

I love to sing, and dance with my rollator or my walking stick, or my boyfriend, when he is not on his Xbox etc! My boyfriend is called Gareth, I will do a future post about him soon.
I love to take my dog for walks, I have learned to use my rollator and walk my dog at the same time. My dog is called Scarlett, again I will be doing a post about the special people/animals in my life.
I love to see my friends, and again I will talk about them in a future post.
I love to read, and travel and learn new things. I have a degree in Education. I have travelled and seen the world, but I want to see more.
I love to write.
I love to talk to people.
I love to LIVE.
So basically this blog will be about my funny stories, but also about my life.
I hope this post has given you more of an idea about who I am, and my dreams.
So enjoy the ride. ❤️


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