Datenight, and the overly sensitive Dentist

Ah, that time of year. The annual dental check-up. So I got a phone call saying I could get to the dentists, before my 4:50 appointment because he was running early, I got there for 4:10 pm and he ran 45 minutes later. I will let him off just this once, as he is new to the dental surgery.
Once in the dentist chair, we went ahead with the check-up/ He did what every dentist does...ASKS YOU QUESTIONS WHILST YOU HAVE DENTAL TOOLS IN YOUR MOUTH! Well what does he expect, a coherent answer? No, instead he got dribbled on. Once he had took the dental tools out my mouth, he said my teeth were white and healthy, about the only thing that is. He went on to explain that I am missing a filling on the right side, and he asked me "would you be okay to come in for a filling, it won't hurt much." He seemed very concerned that this would scare me and asks if I am okay with that about three times. I look at the dentist and said in a bemused manner, "Well if I can go through open heart surgery, I am sure I can manage you filling my tooth."  He just nodded and said "Right well that's me told." Good news I DON'T HAVE TO WEAR MY MANKY TOOTH GUARD IN BED ANYMORE!! This will do wonders for my sleep, but will make me snore terribly, its really good job that poor Gareth is an insomniac anyway! (He says, thank God for noise cancelling headphones!)

Now I am going to introduce you to Gareth as he will feature a lot in this blog. He is no ordinary guy, he is Deadpool, only kidding, he doesn't look like Ryan Reynolds, but he will do. Gareth, like me, has his share of health issues, he is Autistic and suffers from ME, so in that regard we are well matched for each other.

Of course the fact we both have health problems, means the chances of us being well enough to go out at the same time are low. So when we do get the chance to go out we make most of it. Leading on to Date Night!

After the dentist we went for our date night. We went to Zizzi's, where we had wonderful food. I had the Lasagna to get over the previous Lasagna experience. I went to a pub a few weeks ago and had the worlds worst Lasagna. Now I love Lasagna so I needed to have a good one to restore my faith in the pasta gods. Fortunately, Zizzi's obliged with this beauty.
Okay, it smelled that good, that I nearly forgot to take a picture.
Gareth appears to be broken, as he is the fussiest eater. Normally, I know Gareth's Zizzi's order (or Ask, or Prezzo, its always the same) Spaghetti Bolognaise sub Penne. So when he actually looked at the menu, I was gobsmacked. When he actually ordered Pizza instead of Pasta I nearly fainted. Fortunately, I knew Gareth was back when he asked for no mushrooms. Good job he asked for that because I nearly called Area 51 to see if any shape shifting aliens had escaped and take over his body.
Gareth had eaten all his pizza before I could take a pic.
We were umm-ing and ahh-ing about whether to go somewhere else for puddings, but decided to stay at Zizzi's. We definitely didn't regret it!
The puds didn't last long.
Its not often we get to enjoy a meal out together, so when we do it is magical.
Now we are back with our cute puppy called Scarlett, and planning our next adventure.
Told you she was cute!
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