Apparently I am dead

Another short story time!

Two weeks ago I went for my blood pressure to be checked. It was a routine check up to keep an eye on my heart condition.

The nurse called me in, and I sat in a super comfortable chair. She first took my blood pressure with a stethoscope and cuff. The nurse looked up at me and said, “I cannot get a heart beat. Let me try the other arm.” she tried on my right arm and again she said still no heart beat, are you dead?” I replied back “last time I checked no, I am dying for cuppa though.” The nurse laughed and continued to repeat the process of stethoscope and cuff for another three times, unti, she said “ right that’s it I am bringing the big boys in.” I was slightly worried by this statement, but I shouldn’t have been.
 She brought in the electronic blood pressure machine. The electronic ones always pump up too high, and hurt me arm! I thought the electronic blood pressure machine had got somewhere. I was wrong it took her four attempts, and I again she said “are you sure you aren’t dead?” I looked up laughing and said “well I am not a zombie or vampire!” The nurse finally got my blood pressure! She commented on it being a bit low, but overall she said for me it was a practically a sign of being normal...ME NORMAL!?

I will do the Cricket post tomorrow, as I have access to a computer, and tons of photos to upload. Enjoy this article, and thank you for reading.

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