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The one where I must say a massive Thank You

Sunshine Blogger Award

The one where I discovered not to go on a rollercoaster when you have a heart condition.

The one where I got to hold a Yellow Bearded Dragon

The one with the Christmas Market, it was the wurst!

The one with the curry, and messy dog.

My Goals

The one where I had ended up with Puppy Vomit, then she saved my life

The one where I face planted floor, and knocked a dentist out.

Short Story: Matron and The ECG.

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The One with Cricket, the bet and Matron's Cooking


Matron and Pavements don’t mix

Apparently I am dead

Short Storytime-Quickie in a DisABLEd toilet apparently

Contacting me

Caring for someone with Autism that you love

Datenight, and the overly sensitive Dentist

Things not to do whilst having Surgery

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