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It Isn't Christmas Without Watching these Five Things on the Telly!

It Isn't Christmas Without Watching these Five Things on the Telly!
Heads up! This post is sponsored by Panasonic, or the Oled 4k TV Panasonic range.
Well it’s the lead up to Christmas, and everyone is having a cosy night in around the tree, and in front of the TV. With candles lit and a cup of tea, we're checking out Panasonic's new range of Oled 4k TV's with their amazing depth of colour, gorgeous clarity and crisp, sharp definition, without seeming fake. I could go on about the features, but that get's a bit dry, so I'll keep it simple. It looks great, and the sound is better than Gareth's £600 studio speakers! I absolutely loved getting the opportunity to do this post, as Gareth and I have a friend who has spent the last few years doing post-doctorate research into OLED display technology, and, in his expert opinion, Panasonic are the best on the market for quality and longevity currently! We agree! 
Christmas is a time for nostalgia, and our Christmas tel…


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