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No Time for Losers Manchester City 19/20 - Three-peat for Pep?

Hey I’m Chris, the guy who you may have read Ruth talk about and offer a high amount of praise for in her last couple of blogs. (Thanks Ruth, no pressure then! ) As she said I’ll be writing alongside her for The Rolling Twenties from now on, and will cover a wide range of topics beginning with a new sports feature for you readers to sink your teeth into.  But before we start a ‘very’ brief introduction to me. I’m a typical-ish twenty something guy with twin sons and a passion for all things sports and films, as well as the outdoors, and needless to say writing.
I hope to build on the great work Ruth’s done and be a part of The Rolling Twenties for years to come. Although, at 29, my rolling days are numbered. It won’t be long before I’m writing for the Tumbling Thirties and the Freefall Forties or whatever Ruth decides to call them!  Anyhow, that’s for the future, right now here’s my first piece for the blog. Sit back and enjoy.
No Time for Losers. Pep and Man City.
There’s an old sayi…


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