Scarlett’s Adventures!

It’s been a busy few months for Scarlett. She has gone through a lot of a change, but she has coped and adjusted well. Scazzy and I moved fromour old house, and she is now settled at my Mum’s house. I am in a lovely little flat nearby, and Isee Scarlett most days. 

This post is going to look at the adventures Scarlett has been on recently.

Scarlett and I went and visited Beverley. I took Scazzy on the train, and she was so well behaved. Lots of people on the train stopped to greet Scarlett, and she loved it. She really is into people!
Scazzy and I on the train. 

When we got to Beverley, she met her new best friend Chris! Chris and I took Scarlett to Beverley Westwood. Beverley Westwood is this wonderful green area, full of fields and trees. The land is so untouched and natural. It’s one of my favourite places, and I think it’s now Scazzy’s favourite place. Chris was really amazing with Scarlett, as he kept throwing the squeaky ball for her.
Scarlett with her new best friend Chris. 

We spent a good couple of hours on Westwood,and at the end, it seemed Chris and I were exhausted, but Scarlett could have carried on! As we were walking slowly to the gate on Westwood, Scazzy spotted a cow. She had never seen a cow before. As you can guess things went mad! She ended up chasing the cow, not to eat the cow, but to try and sniff its bottom. Like on a cartoon, such as Tom and Jerry, Chris and I chased her over a long distance to try and catch her. The cow stopped, and she didn’t want to leave the cow! Chris had the bright idea to use her lead, and managed to catch her and hook her back up. Scazzy and cows don’t mix! 

When we got home, Scarlett immediately took to Chris and was wanting cuddles of him! It really was heart warming, as Scarlett is mainly cuddly with me but not other people.
Scarlett really took to Chris.

Beverley Beck
Beverley Beck is a beautiful canal. It was constructed to allow large vessels to reach the expanding town of Beverley. 

All along the Beck is beautiful greenery and wildlife. Scarlett was absolutely fascinated. She is a city dog, but I try and get her to the beach or countryside as much as possible. The Beck is on the outskirts of Beverley near the industrial estate, yet it’s still in the countryside! The perfect balance. We were so enchanted by the greenery and wildlife.
This natural archway felt like something out of a fairytale! 

Scarlett loved all the different smells. When I stood still I could smell all the different flowers. Poor Scazzy kept sneezing. I could also smell the fresh grass, and there is nothing like the smell of fresh grass. Scarlett wanted to stop on every jettyalong the Beck, and she kept sniffing the water! Now for a dog who doesn’t like water, she went to the edge of the jetty, to look at the lily pads.
Scarlett looking at the lily pads!

Towards the end of the Beck was farmland with horses. Unlike the incident at Beverley Westwood, Scarlett didn’t try and chase the horses.
Beautiful countryside!

There was some lovely benches near the Beck where Scarlett and I sheltered from a brief shower!I can’t describe how at peace I felt, and how relaxed Scarlett was!
Scarlett and I sheltering from the rain!

We continued our walk to the very end of the Beck where I took a great picture of the boats all tied up along the Beck.
It was so quiet! 

We walked back along the Beck, and if you get chance, check the different information points. It tells you the history of the Beck.
The history of the Beck

Scarlett and I went and visited the Syntan, we couldn’t go on, but we looked at the outside of it. The Syntan is owned by the Beverley Barge Preservation Society. The Syntan was built for Richard Hodgson. Hodgson owned a tannery in Beverley based on the Beck from 1949-1970. The Syntan then spent time on the River DonNavigation, then in 2001 the Preservation Society bought the remains. They restored the barge in a three year project.
The Syntan.

Scarlett then became very interested in this anchor. She is curious about everything!
Scarlett and the anchor! Unfortunately it didn’t keep Scarlett in place!

We loved watching the ducks! I was a bit afraid Scarlett could try and get a duck, for duck pancakes!
Thankfully, Scarlett didn’t get the ducks! 

We really enjoyed our day by the Beck, and I must thank Chris for recommending it as a great walk! 

Sisterly TIme
My Mum went away for the weekend, so Scarlett and I were with Daisy. I decided to brave the rain with the dogs, and take them to Beverley.
Sisters! Daisy isn’t keen on travelling. 

Once we reached Beverley, Scarlett and Daisy loved a lazy afternoon with Chris and I.
Daisy enjoying being lazy! 

Scarlett enjoyed hogging the fire,and left Chris, Daisy and I under blankets!
Scarlett keeping the fire to herself.

Trip to Scarborough
Mama and I. 
My Mum and I took the dogs on the train to Scarborough. They loved being on the lead together.
Excited sisters! 

Scarlett loved the train journey. At first she was sat on my knee looking out the window. She loved watching the countryside go by.
Scazzy sat on my knee!

As the journey went on Scazzy sat in the seat next to me. I couldn’t get over how childlike she was. She was interested in everything we went past on the train. She was fascinated by all the countryside.
Scarlett watching the world go by.

We took the dogs straight down to the beach when we reached Scarborough, and the view was amazing of the bay.
Gorgeous Scarborough.

Scarlett was very happy to get her lunch, as she had been very excitable going down to the beach.

Whilst on the beach we met a big family from
Nottingham. In all fourteen children came to see the dogs, and to say hello to them. Some of the children were afraid of dogs, as they had bad experiences. Scazzy and Daisy were so calm and kind with the children, that the children ended up less fearful. 

Eventually, we left the beach and walked the dogs more. We ended up near the lighthouse in Scarborough, by which point we were all exhausted.
The dogs and I. 

We all enjoyed our day out at the seaside, but we were all so tired from walking! 

Scarlett has enjoyed her adventures. Chris and I have lots more planned for her. The future looks full of fun and walks for Scazzy!
I love my adventures, and Mummy will be writingabout them again soon! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about Scarlett’s adventures! There will be plenty more adventures to come.

Do you take your pets on adventures? Let us know in the comments what you do!

Until next time...

LoveLiveLaugh. 💜


mccindy72 said…
Thanks for sharing your adventures! It’s nice to hear from you again.

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