The Flawesome Awards

This award was created by Sophie Ismaa. What an amazing idea to celebrate our flaws, because without our Flaws what would we be? Thank you for creating the award! This really is an awesome award! We should be proud of our flaws!

I want to say a massive thank you to Anne for the tag and the Flawesome award! Anne is an amazing writer and you should check out her blog!

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List 3 flaws and turn them into strengths

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Flaw Number 1 - Low Self-Confidence
I have low self-confidence. Whenever I do something, or create a blog I always have low self confidence and I struggle to be proud or believe in my work. I've always had low self-confidence, but I think it should be celebrated! The reason I want to celebrate it is I can understand people who don't believe in themselves, whose confidence is so low. I can help them, and be empathetic with what they are going through! Slowly over time my confidence is building, I am getting better at talking to people, and having confidence in the work I produce.

Flaw Number 2 - I don't switch off
I can be relaxing watching TV or lying in bed, and suddenly I get an idea for my blog, or I have to write something down for just life. It makes Gareth laugh, as I suddenly sit up talking to myself! Though I did have Gareth helping me with my website back-end at 2am this morning! Scarlett, my dog, just looks at me in a very confused manner! The reason I want to celebrate the fact I can't switch my brain off is because it helps me come up with ideas. If I didn't have ideas at stupid times I would never get my blog or things in my life done. Plus I can really sympathise with other people who can't get their brains to shut off!

Flaw Number 3 - My Disability
At one point I used to see my Disability as a flaw, it's not as much of a flaw anymore. I get embarrassed when I walk with my walking stick, or walk with my rollator. I feel like people stare, but I know people aren't staring. I want to celebrate this flaw because my Disability has made me stronger and a better person. If I didn't have a disability I wouldn't be as understanding, or sympathetic or empathetic. To all the people out there with a physical or mental disability, NEVER BE ASHAMED! It's a strength that helps you be a better person!

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Kirsten said…
What a lovely idea to turn insecurities into something positive!
Janja said…
This is such an amazing idea. We all have our insecurities but to try look at them from other perspective it can really make a difference in our lives.
Earthboundstars said…
I don't believe everything happens for a reason but I do believe some people are made to take everything that comes to them and put a positive spin on it and use those hardships to build them into something greater & unstoppable and that's what I admire so much about you!

Thank you for the tag, I've had the post in the works as Anne Carty has tagged me too but I haven't had a spot for it yet with my Blogtober posts and I'm surprised how similar some of my flaws are to the ones you identified, like always having new ideas. I'm glad we have so much in common <3
Bella-Rose said…
This is such an amazing idea to turn what we see as flaws into strengths! Great post!
Thank you for your kind comment Kirsten! πŸ’œπŸ’œ 😊🌸xxx

Thank you for the kind comment Jaja. πŸ’œπŸ’œ Yeah, our insecurities make us stronger. 😊🌸xxx

Thank you for your lovely comment Earthbound Stars. πŸ’œπŸ’œ Wow! You really are an amazing person. I am so glad I met you, and you are now my friend. I feel so lucky to have an awesome friend like you. We have a lot in common, including our flaws. 😊🌸xxx

Thank you for your kind comment Bella-Rose! πŸ’œπŸ’œ Yeah Flaws are our strengths! 😊🌸xxx
Molly rose said…
Definitely can relate to you in regards to having low confidence. I'm trying to work on it though slowly and slowly but its very hard! xx
I love this! Thanks for posting! We all have flaws but it’s all how we react to it and overcome it! XoXo SAM
Thank you for your kind comment Molly. πŸ’œπŸ’œ Yeah low confidence is hard, I still suffer with its, and I ha e good days and bad days. You will do great Molly, it does take time, but you will get there. πŸ˜€ xxxx

Thank you for sprout sweet comment Sam!πŸ’œπŸ’œ It is! We all have flaws to get over! 😊xxxx
Fashion Lights said…
Such a great posts, these awards are always a nice idea :)
Thank you for your lovely comment Fashion Lights! πŸ’œπŸ’œ xxxx

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