Ten Unusual Facts about Me

Ten Unusual Facts about Me

I want to thank Nicole and Anne for nominating me to do the “10 unusual facts about me”. It allows you lovely readers to learn more about me.

1. It’s my birthday today

Well, it’s my birthday today! I am 27 years old today! I don’t feel it, and I don’t look it. I still get ID’d for DVD’s! According to star signs I am a scorpio, so that must mean I have a sting in my tail... I think Gareth would agree, especially when it’s that “time of the month!” My birthstone is opal. which I love as it is such a beautiful stone! I share my birthday with the youtuber PewDiePie, the legendary West Indian fast bowler Ian Bishop and the roman emperor Domitian. Bryan Adams, who I love, had the song “(Everything I do) I do it for you” in the top 5. If you know me, this next little piece of knowledge is ironic. In 1924 the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine was awarded to Willem Einthoven for his discovery of the mechanism of the Electrocardiogram. For which I am eternally thankful!

Some of my prezzies from last year!

2. I can speak German

Ich kann Deutschland sprechen. Ich bin Ruth und ich lebe im Hull. There you go I can speak German. At school, in my GCSE, I got a B in my speaking exam, and a C in my writing exam! So I am very average at German! I would love to learn more German in the future!

3. I got a degree in education

I did my university degree in Child Psychology and Education alongside working in a school, and I loved my job. The children were so sweet and well behaved. My dream was to become a teacher, but unfortunately I had a heart attack. When I got out of hospital I finished my degree, but missed the graduation ceremony because I was in hospital. So instead, I received it in the post, and my Mum presented it to me! I feel proud to have completed my degree. One day hopefully I can go back into teaching.

Mum and I with my Open Uni certificate

4. I love horror movies

I got into horror movies because of my first boyfriend when I was 17. At Halloween he decided to introduce me to Saw, and whilst I protested a lot, he still put it on. That is when I found out I quite enjoy horror films. Last halloween, Gareth and I settled down to watch some horror films. My favourite film, which Gareth screamed at, is “The Sixth Sense.” This was meant to be a gentle introduction to horror for Gaz. In the film there is a scene where the little boy climbs into the tent and there was a girl in there... I swear Gareth screamed like a girl... I burst into laughter!

I love halloween...

5. I love crime documentaries

I have always watched the odd crime documentary, but on 18th December 2015 I watched Making a Murderer and I was hooked. I watched the whole series within a day and a half. I got so invested in the story. I am still not 100% sure whether Steven and Brendan are guilty. I can’t wait for the new series to be released! One of my favourite Crime documentary series is on Crime and Investigation on Sky, it’s called “Critical Evidence with Robbie Coltrane” he looks at unusual cases, and speaks to the police officers who solved the case. They don’t use traditional methods to solve the case, instead, they use off the cuff methods, such as looking at environmental evidence. I really Crime documentaries that make you stop and think, and look at the world around you. I watch that many crime documentaries that sometimes I think Gareth thinks I'm planning to murder him!

6. I love 70's, 80's and 90's british comedy

I love old school comedy. My favourite 1970’s comedy is Dad’s Army! One of the phrases I use when Gareth makes a mistake is “You stupid boy Pike”. Gareth ends up laughing, because he knows I am joking! My Grandad got me into that comedy, because it is based on World War 2. He fought on the D-day beaches, but he never spoke about it.
My favourite 1980’s comedy is Fawlty Towers. I love the slapstick relationship between Basil and Manuel. A vivid memory is when Basil hit Manuel over the head with a tray, and Manuel fell to the floor. Very old school and slapstick!
My favourite comedy from the 90’s was Father Ted. At aged 8 or 9 at Christmas 1999 my Grandad put on Father Ted. My Nan didn’t approve so she went to bed. My Mum, cousins and I and Grandad watched the famous episode where the two vicars get lost in the underwear department. I wonder if Gareth’s Dad, Who is a vicar ever got lost in an underwear department? I will never forget the catchphrase the old Grandad Vicar uses..”FECK”. I am on the floor laughing right now. You can see a bit more about my love of comedy in this post, where I showcase three of the best British comedy scenes EVER!

7. One of my favourite coastal towns is Whitby

I have been going to Whitby since I was very small. I love all the history and stories behind Whitby, such as Dracula, who apparently landed on the beach under the abbey. Whitby Abbey is beautiful. I love the cobbled street, it looks like something out of Harry Potter! The landscape is amazing, especially when it is stormy and the waves hit the beach. It is a historical town with a strong maritime heritage, home of an infamous arch made from whale bones and has a brilliant lifeboat museum.

sea, beach, landscape, wild
Gareth snapped this arty pic of me admiring the landscape!

8. I am from a single parent family

My Mum and Dad separated when I was young. The government says children from single parent families don’t succeed as much., well here is something for you government. My sister has an English Literature Degree, and is a journalist. My brother is on the Great British Paralympic Judo team, and I have a Education Degree and write articles. So please government look at all single parent families, because I have to say my Mum has done an amazing job!

9. I love History especially Modern History

I have always loved History. I love fossil hunting on the beaches and I have found some amazing fossils. To think these giant beasts used to roam the earth... although I do see a live reenactment every time Gaz gets up in a morning. 
I love Modern History as well. To think of what has gone in over 100 years is mad. How men gave up their lives, how lives were given up needlessly because of a religion, how technology has developed. I am looking at doing a History Degree with the Open University in the future as well. 

10. My favourite cuisine is Thai

My Dad used to feature in our lives, and he used to co-parent with my Mum. My Mum and Dad wanted us to be cultured. They both taught us about different cultures, and felt food had a lot to do with culture. This is when I found out at aged 6 I love Thai food. I remember my Dad ordered several Thai dishes, and my Mum and Dad didn’t get a look in. My siblings and I demolished the food! To this day Gareth and I still go to the same restaurant in Hull called Thai House. If you are ever in Hull go and try Thai House, the food is gorgeous. All original Thai recipes, and the staff are so polite. I now want Thai!

So that is ten interesting things about me. There are a few people I'd love to hear interesting things about so We Earthbound StarsElineALJAlex and Stefanie, you're up!

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Elizabeth said…
Love learning about our blogging friends! Thanks for sharing all of this! I hope you can make it back to teaching someday. How amazing that you finished your degree despite all of your health issues!
Victoria said…
I can not watch saw it is way too much for me. I like demon themed horror movies. They are my favorite. I can’t believe you had a heart attack so young! Glad you are able to recover from it. Steven & Brendan are totally innocent! Steven spent years in jail fighting to prove his innocence... then finally it was proved, why would he go kill someone? It doesn’t make sense. The new season is good too!
Earthboundstars said…
Wow, it's really cool that you have the same birthday as the inventor of the EKG! I have the same birthday as Al Pacino, so I'm not sure what that means, lol!!

Love that pic of you by the sea <3 and with your mum and your degree, you both look so proud! If I were your mum I would definitely be proud of you and your siblings, it sounds like one of the most important things she taught you was to follow your dreams and never give up on them.
Unknown said…
Great article! And happy birthday. About the single parents thing, it's not about the ability of the parent to parent, but rather that by being a single parent they're disproportionately disadvantaged in numerous areas because society's family model is based on two parents, and hence things are usually modelled on kids having two parents. Also, in the cases of messy divorces and abusive households, there's trauma involved. Sorry to badge in just like that, just thought I should mention it. Unless the government specifically said that single parents are 'a scourge upon society's fabric. That would be bad. I feel passionately about this as I personally know what it's like. I hope kids from single parents homes will soon have equal footing as their counterparts from 'ordinary parents' homes.

Yvonne Wabai| Visit Randomly Creative
Thank you for the sweet comment Elizabeth. πŸ’œπŸ’œ I hope one day I can make it back to teaching. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œxxxx

Thank you for the lovely comment Victoria! πŸ’œπŸ’œ I love all types of Horror movie, including the demon themed ones! πŸ˜† I am still fighting and recovering! 😊 the new season of Making a Murderer is amazing. Something stinks in the case, I think Steven and Brendan are innocent. I hope they are freed one day! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œxxxx

Haha, I think it’s awesome you have the same birthday as Al Pacino, it means you are going to be an actor who plays gangsters! πŸ˜‰Thank you so much for the kind comment! My Mum is proud of us and has done a great job. Thank you for your very kind comment! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œπŸ’œxxxxx

Thank you for your sweet comment Yvonne.πŸ’œπŸ’œI am from a single parent family myself, and it has been said to my Mum’s face, by a local politician who will remain unnamed. Short story: Sis went to a private school, and the politician has child in same class as my sis, and the politician said something along the lines that “children are failures” from single parent families. The politician didn’t know my Mum was a single parent. I just feel sad when things like that are said. I understand your point and I respect it Yvonne. You are an amazing blogger! πŸ’œπŸ’œxxxxx
Precious Udoh said…
Awwwn,what a story! Thank God for your mum and kudos to your hard work. I'd love to learn other languages too, probably Spanish and Chinese 😁
Thank you for your kind comment Precious. πŸ’œπŸ’œ Wow awesome! Spanish and Chinese are hard languages to learn! Girlpower! 😊xxxx

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