The One With the Shuffle Song Tag - And The Guest Blogger

The Shuffle Song Tag

So I was tagged in to do this by Jo at Online Blanket Fort and Gareth saw it and rather liked her post, so I had a great idea. He could do it! He loves his music anyway, so I thought he could do some work on my blog for a change and I could rest my creative juices for a couple of awesome posts I have planned.

Hi, erm, hi there, it's Gareth, I'm not sure about this blogging malarkey. But if Scarlett can write a post, then I can. And if Scarlett gets rewarded with extra treats, I might get a little more Xbox time on the night! Or I might even get Ruth to make me a cup of tea. No. No, I'm asking too much there. I jest, of course, she makes a wonderful brew!

The Aim Of The Game

Set your Spotify (or in my case, Apple Music) to shuffle and post the first ten songs that come up... whatever they may be!

I have an... interesting... taste in music, so this could be a good laugh. 

Theme From Jurassic Park - John Williams

What an absolutely cracking piece of music to get started with! John Williams is, in my opinion, a master of scoring films and creating feelings of wonder and awe with his scoring. Powerful and graceful, yet simple and elegant, this piece is beauty incarnate. Except for one time I played it with an orchestra, and dropped my glockenspiel mallet on the wrong notes. Loudly. In a quiet bit. Typical Gareth!

We're Going To Ibiza - Vengaboys

I'm not embarrassed. You're embarrassed. The Vengaboys. Everyone's cheesy guilty pleasure. Well, except for at my university fresher's week many moons ago, where they had to leave the stage mid set as people were throwing stuff at them. Students. Love them or hate them, you still can't hit them with a shovel. And if anyone gets that reference, let me know in the comments and I will love you forever!

Unleashed - Epica

Ah. Now we get onto some real, powerful, symphonic metal goodness. Nom. nom nom nom. Whomever had the idea to combine orchestral music, choral music and metal together is a genius. Simone Simmons has one of the most gorgeous voices ever. Even when she has a cold, as she did when I got the chance to see them at Corporation in Sheffield a few years ago.

The Answer Lies Within - Dream Theater

Well, I'm getting some great ones on this shuffle - With what is on my phone, I expected more dross. This song gives some good life advice. Back yourself, trust yourself, learn from your mistakes and go into everything with eyes and mind open. Don't let the day go by, Don't let it end!

Nothing Else Matter's - Post Modern Jukebox (Metallica Cover)

Have you EVER heard a fifteen year old girl with lungs like that? If you have, drop me a link in the comments. 'Cos this voice is phenomenal! A lovely chilled jazz cover of a metal classic. with some gorgeous sax. I adore PMJ. I'll get back to this blog post after this song, gonna grab Ruth for a slow dance...

Note to self: Never dance around the room with a girl suffering from concussion. Don't worry. I caught her!

Sk8er Boi - Post Modern Jukebox

Told you I love PMJ. This is a more Motown-y cover. Still having a boogie around the living room. Not going to drop Ruth though. Scarlett thinks I'm mad! That sax solo, whooo!

Her Voice Resides - Bullet For My Valentine

Okay. I'm a teenager again. "Will I just fall to pieces, or am I..." sorry. Meant to be blogging, not singing. I'm easily distracted. This band knew how to market and make a lot of cash. Good live shows apparently though!

Theme from Chariots of Fire - Vangelis

Catchy theme, gets in your head. Most boring snare part in the world. Also gets stuck in your head. Thanks dynamic markings. ' t,t,t,T,T,t,t,t' ...repeat

That Song - Amaranthe

It's like a party song. But heavy. I cannot fail to smile hearing this song. Except for when it makes me realise I missed out on tickets to the one UK show they're doing this year. If you can listen to this, can you tell me in the comments which really famous song the drum line reminds you of?

Friend Like Me - Robin Williams

Oh good. I thought I was going to get through ten with no Disney. And that would make me really sad. Can you really beat Disney music? No. You can't. Though now I want to take Ruth back to Disneyland Paris. And remember guys and girls, you ain't ever had a friend like me, or, well, Ruth. 


"And so, the end is near, and now I'll face, the final curtain. My friends, I'll say it clear, I'll state my case, of which I'm certain. I've made, a list that's pure, it's full of songs, I hope you'll enjoy, and more, much more than this, now I'll nomi-nate:"

and if anyone else wants to do it, go for it!

Let me know what you think to my phone's selection in the comments. I reckon it did a pretty nifty job. And always remember to live, love, laugh and be your best you in life. 
Peace out. I've actually really enjoyed doing this post. I might have to do another in the future, especially if I am bribed with extra gaming time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Charlotte said…
Love this post! The variety of music is brilliant!
Thanks :) I do have a very wide taste in music - curse or blessing of being a musician. Ruth gets quite amused when I have it on on shuffle in the car! - Gareth
mccindy72 said…
It’s always fun to see (or hear) someone else’s playlist. To hear new wonders, or hear the greats you both obviously love (looking at you, Metallica). Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for your kind comment! πŸ’œπŸ’œ Yeah we like a lot of varied music! Haha! One day we will put up the playlist we use for the car, as that is extremely varied! 😝😊🌸xxxx

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