The One Where I Review The American Dream by Cynthia McDonald


Thank you Cynthia McDonald for letting me review your book! This is my first book review, and I will be writing in the typical Ruth style, so this book review will have a tad of humour mixed in.

I am a child of the 90’s. I was born in 1991. My Mum is an ex-teacher and always wanted us to stay up to date with world news. At the age of seven I was watching CBBC Newsround that featured entertainment and world news. I remember hearing a lot about Britney Spears and how she broke musical records. I heard a lot about the US from BBC News at 6, and how in the US there were big skyscrapers, rich funny looking men like Donald trump, and Hollywood. Bill Clinton was in the White House and it seemed like a wonderful country. This was before Monica Lewinsky came around! That was as far as my knowledge went on the news front.

From a young age I used to watch lots of westerns, with my Nan and Grandad. One of my favourites was She wore a Yellow Ribbon starring John Wayne. My Nan and Grandad loved their Westerns. I used to shout at the TV “Go on kill those evil Indians!” I was only young so not much was said to me until I was aged ten. Around then, my Nan took me aside, and said “Ruth lovey, those Indians are not evil, their lands were taken from them by us Europeans.” All those Cowboy and Indian games, where I played the good cowboy, and my brother played the evil Indian with a plastic Bow and Arrow were a lie. Fortunately, he was only partially sighted so the arrows usually missed me, and hit my Mum or one of her ornaments!

Everything I thought I knew about the US as a child, I realised as I grew up was a big fat lie. It was not the “LAND OF THE FREE.” And “home of the brave” started to take on a different meaning.

Then in August 2018 I started to blog, and I started a Twitter account. I followed an author called Cynthia McDonald. I am a book worm. Late at night I sit and read when I am pain with my spine, legs and the rest of my body. Sorry, I digress. Yes I started to follow Cynthia McDonald, and when I saw that she was an author, I was interested in what she was writing. I went on to Amazon, and typed her name in and found she had written several books including THE AMERICAN DREAM BOOK 1.

This review is going to be about THE AMERICAN DREAM, by Cynthia McDonald. You can buy the book here if you are a UK reader or here if you are based in the USA


This is American History re-written. This book tells the true story of America’s oppressed and enslaved. You will hear all of the truths America has to tell.


I bought the book as an e-book, but it is also available in paperback format.

I was gripped from the beginning. The author basically tells you to forget everything you think you know about American History.

I learned something new immediately which was America was not discovered by Christopher Columbus, instead the USA was discovered by Leif Erikson. I see why Cynthia gets her readers to forget everything they thought they knew.

Throughout the book there is underlying tone. America is not “THE LAND OF THE FREE.” Rather it is a country built on the backs of the oppressed and enslaved. The idea I had when I was very young was that the native Indians were evil. I now realise now from reading this book that the European settlers, including the English, Dutch and the Swedish. took their lands for their own gains. America is built on the Natives and the Indians. Instead of Indians being savages, the colonists were savages, maiming and stealing the lands of the natives.

My childhood hero was Pocahontas, whom I only knew from Disney, is also written about in this book. It is definitely going against the Disney theme. I won’t ruin it for you, as I want you, the reader, to learn the truth like me.

Another underlying tone is that Disney and Hollywood had glorified everything, and that includes “The Big White Cowboy”. Hollywood took the big tough white Cowboy and made them into a lie. You learn the real truth about them!
What I admired in The American Dream is the introduction of figureheads who were enslaved but made something of themselves, for example Hattie Williams and James Durham. Both these people had the odds stacked against them. Mrs Williams was a slave and became an Author, but you will read about the hardship she has to face to get there. Mr Durham was a slave and became a Doctor, and again you will read about the challenges he faced achieving his American dream.

Cynthia mixes hard, raw facts with a humourous tone. Her writing flows beautifully, and you are reminded about the REAL LAND OF THE FREE. The chapters are full of facts, and you get so gripped with the book. You just want to devour the history. Cynthia sorts out the myths from the lies and will have you hooked from the beginning.

The African Proverb that Cynthia used in her book, describes American history perfect. “Until the lion learns how to write, every story will glorify the hunter.” To me this means that American history is too glorified, and until we know the truth we will admire liars.

Cynthia McDonald thank you for opening my eyes up to American History.

I will be watching out for Book 2!

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Earthboundstars said…
Fantastic book review Ruth! As an American it's a truth that's shockingly still not taught in schools. Over the past decades there have been slow changes- we learned that instead of colonizing all the savage natives and giving them the gift of technology we gave them smallpox and took advantage of their willingness to trade and teach selflessly. It's a big ship and slow to turn but it's making gradual progress and definitely helped by well written books like that coming out and thoughtful people to review them.
Awww thank you Earthboundstars! ❤️ Your comment is so kind! ❤️ This means a lot to me. 😊❤️ I am so happy you enjoyed the post. 😊 I know America is trying to make a difference, but it will take time, like all changes do. 😊♥️
mccindy72 said…
As an author I always hope readers will both enjoy my books and learn something from them! I love the way you are both funny and lead people on about the potential secrets they could learn. Thank you so much for your honest review of my book.
Yay! Thank you! I am glad you like it. 😊 It’s great that readers can learn something from this book. 😊Your kind comments mean a lot to me. I hope to read more of your books in the future. 😊xxx
Anonymous said…
Great review! I love your style of writing, I can’t wait to read more from you x
Val said…
Great review. And I really like your writing style.
Thank you Anon for your kind comment. 😊xxx
Yay! Thank you Val for your kind words, they mean a lot to me! I will check your blog! 😊 ❤️ Xxxx
emma langlands said…
Great review, I visit America all the and would love to read this book. Love your writing style!! :)
Aww thank you for your very kind comment! πŸ’œ I am glad you like my writing style! 😊 I hope you enjoy the book! 😊 xxx
Jella Erhard said…
Great review and book recommendation! I'm about to start reading Custer Died for Your Sins by Jr. Vine Deloria but this book also goes on my 'want to read' list. Love your blog I will make sure to come back & discover more! :)
Thank you for the kind commnt Jella! ♥️ I think Custer died for your sins will go on my reading list. 😊 I am so glad you like the blog. ❤️ I look forward to you coming back to my blog. 😊🌸
Unknown said…
Great book review!! I will be back for more!
Yay! Thank you for your kind comment! πŸ’œxxx

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