The One with Cricket, the bet and Matron's Cooking

Friday started off very hectic, with me being last minute as always! I have this problem, if I have to be ready, or at a certain place for a certain time I can't do it. I then rush and end up even later. I blame the fact that I only have one working leg, my left leg has barely any movement, oh and a benign tumour on it, nerve damage, bursitis and dodgy knee ligaments. NOT MUCH LUCK THERE, BUT AT LEAST I HAVE AN EXCUSE..... MAYBE! As I am writing this Gaz is singing "Jake the peg." I told you he was a BRICK!

Anyways back to Friday, I had a rushed appointment at the Osteopath, where I fell asleep, drooled all over my t-shirt, and the receptionist could hear my snoring in the next room. So yeah...tad embarrassing.

We then embarked on our adventure, or Gareth's birthday present as may be. He dragged me to the cricket. I can't complain I got to see some fit Aussie's, Yorkshire men, Kiwi's and even the odd Midlander. I didn't eye them up I promise!

It didn't get off to a great start, because Gareth got lost, and didn't listen to my directions, and he confused the SAT NAV SO MUCH.... it froze... top work! His excuse is that Leeds is horrible to drive in! Anyways, we finally arrived at the Bed and Breakfast we were staying at. We stayed in the Boundary Hotel in Leeds, and we loved it. It was ideally located, only 2 minutes walk to the stadium, which meant we didn't have to fight for parking, always a huge bonus when your alter-ego is Lady Hop-Along! The room we stayed in was called the Abbey room and had gorgeous old solid furniture, and pictures of Abbeys and Monasteries from around Yorkshire and the rest of the country. It felt very homely. Gaz made up for being bad with directions, by making me a hot, strong cup of coffee! (If my cardiologist is reading this, it was decaffeinated...honest... erm...scout's honour!)
Love this wardrobe in the Hotel.

Whilst we were recovering from our trip and having a cuppa, we got chatting about the Cricket. I was in a quandary. You see, I was born in Nottingham but I now live in Yorkshire. So, who should I support? I made a bet with Gareth. Gareth bet Yorkshire was going to win, and I bet Nottingham was going to win. Loser was to buy dinner the next day.

Back to my original point, I am terrible at getting places on time. Despite leaving Hull very early, we somehow ended up with only two hours to find somewhere to eat before the match started. Some people would say that is plenty of time, but not when you are with Mr Picky Pants, or you have to walk with your rollator, up a hill, to the pub called The Original Oak in Headingley.  I forgot how steep and cobble-y Leeds is. Add to that it was bin day in the area, and everyone on the street had left their bin out in the middle of the narrow path. Turns out I am practicing for the Slalom at the next Winter Paralympics! After much dodging we made it to The Original Oak, and it was rammed. Surprisingly we found a table, but I nearly ended up with a drunk guy on my rollator!
The male version of me in 60 years!
We scoffed our meals down, after waiting forty-five minutes for the food to arrive, and set off for the stadium. On the way to the ground, a group of people were walking ahead, and one was dressed up as a banana. Typical cricket crowd, however we can't talk... we bought a lot in the Club shop...
The blue wig covers up his receding hair line!
Time for the match to start, Yorkshire Vikings vs Nottinghamshire Outlaws. Yorkshire won the toss, and chose to bat, which made me instantly regret betting dinner with Gareth as Yorkshire had previously only lost two games batting first at home since 2017. Fortunately for me they were very slow during the first few overs, only get 40 runs off the first six overs! I had my hopes restored. One thing we didn't realise was the game was being televised, and we were sat in the second row from the front. Add to the face I was wearing a bright peach hoodie, we were quite conspicuous in the sea of blue. The Sky guy kept pointing the camera at us because we were clapping, singing, and dancing, and generally being loud, whilst those surrounding us were more reserved. We must have been sat in the quietest stand there. We had a close shave with infamy. Sports being sports, they had a Kiss cam between overs. We could see it on the big screen, and the next thing there is a camera in our face. Fortunately Dan Christian, the cute Aussie who plays for Notts, chose this moment to start his over, and the broadcast feed went back on him. Thank goodness! After this lucky escape I decided it was time for a cuppa. Gaz offered to go get it, but I didn't want him missing the cricket (top girlfriend points here) so I made the daring decision to hobble up the stairs with my walking stick. I originally went to the Yorkshire Tea stand where you would think they sold Tea, but instead it turned out to be a bar. Luckily I spied a Tea and Coffee van. I bought a Cup of Tea and 2 chocolate cookies. I was clever, and put the cookies in my pocket, and had the cuppa in my left hand. I hobbled back to the stand, where it nearly all went wrong. Fortunately Gareth was watching out for me coming back down the stairs of the stand. My left leg decided, even though it had my brace on, that it would give out halfway down the stairs! Gareth hot-footed out of his seat and caught me as I fell and miraculously I didn't spill the tea. This is obviously very important in life.
The rest of the match was uneventful for Gareth.... but.... NOTTINGHAMSHIRE WON! Which meant he owed me a Thai meal. Have I ever mentioned just how much I love Thai food?
Gaz gracefully obliged my craving for yummy Thai goodness, even feeding Matron as well, and we had a lovely meal from Thai house last night.

Today I was with my brother Chris. He is so quick and funny, and we just had a catch up about life. It's not that often I get to see Chris, as he is training on the Judo Paralympic team down in Birmingham and doesn't get much chance to travel back to Hull. Chris has a genetic eye disease and wears Sunglasses as he is incredibly photo sensitive. Personally I think he may be part of the Men in Black! No wonder my short term memory is so bad. Chris had an achievement today and managed not to walk into much. Other then having a massive Sunday lunch, we have just been resting and chilling with the dogs today, whilst I have been earning even more girlfriend points by letting Gaz watch England vs India test match all day (and tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day...) 
My brother and I being mature as always; cute pic of Scazzy and a dozy boyfriend cuddling Scaz.
Now I am going to veg and binge watch something on Netflix, and hopefully, will catch the lovely Marie, one of my best friends, tomorrow. Hope you are all having a relaxing weekend wherever you are. 
Leave a comment with what you have been up to this weekend.

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