The one with the Christmas Market, it was the wurst!

We drove to Leeds, with a very excited Scarlett (the dog who likes to jump in my food) for another adventure. Gareth had just passed his driving test, so thought he would brave the motorway for the first time. Scarlett got her first trip in the car with Mummy and Daddy. I was slightly nervous about Gareth, and how he would mix with a motorway. He actually drove really well. We all survived, which is a MASSIVE BONUS!
We made it into Leeds, and it is the MOST complicated road system around. Very twisty, lots of filter lanes and weird junctions, which leads to the next point. Scarlett was very interested in the road and had her head next to the window. For the entire journey. The only problem is that every time Gareth turned his steering wheel to the right, even minutely, she hit her head on the window, then Scarlett, being the dog she is, just looked up with her massive puppy eyes to say "why did Daddy do that!?" Then Scazzy went back to where she was. Remember what I said about Leeds being complicated and twisty.... I am surprised poor Scarlett wasn't concussed by the time we parked up.

When we entered the German Christmas Market and it was so busy, and so noisy! A family was walking behind us and Scarlett, dressed in her bright Pink coat, attracted attention of a little boy who was holding a hot dog. Scarlett kept stopping then pulling Gareth back to try and see the little boy. We stopped so she could meet the little boy. The little boy was so excited. He said "Aww cute doggy, Mummy I want a doggy. The doggy likes me." Before his Mum could answer his older brother said "The dog isn't interest in you, she wants your hot dog." The little boy looked a bit upset, so I said "She likes you." The little boy seemed happier and said "can I give doggy sausage?" I obliged and said she could have a tiny bit, and Scazzy sat and took the tiny bit of sausage. The boy went on his way with his family happily.

Leeds German Christmas Market, it's very pretty!

As anyone who uses a wheelchair, rollator, walking stick, or anything to make their lives easier known, it is never a good idea to go to a busy Christmas market. Or busy anywhere for that matter. Well if you have read my previous posts, you know I never follow the trend, and I love a good adventure. At the Christmas market it was heaving, and I ended up with at least one drunken young man on my rollator. All Gareth could do is laugh! I decided to try and go to a stall, where they were selling Christmas Ornaments. I had picked something and I paid for the ornament, then I started to try and push my rollator. I couldn't understand why it was so heavy. Gareth was laughing, whilst Scarlett was just stood looking cute.  I had only set off with a woman on my rollator, she said "put me down." I said "Then don't sit on my rollator, I don't give free rides, watch where you are going next time!" She got off the rollator looking embarrassed, dusted her self down and said "I am very sorry, I should have looked." I told her not to worry, then off she went. Finally, we had entered some space, at the Christmas market, where there was no silly people!
Scarlett had seen a food stall, so wasn't interested in taking a picture.

We wandered around a bit more, looked at the stall, and Scarlett continued to be fussed, and fed bits of sausages. Plus I did notice lots of disappointed children wanting cute dogs, and their parents all sighing and saying "We will see." Children this mean NO in adult language!
I needed to take my tablets so I bought a bottle of water, and went behind the stalls where it was quieter and I could sit on my rollator and take my tablets. Scarlett wasn't impressed by how quiet it was behind the stalls, but Gareth and I were glad for a break. So I was sat chatting to Gareth, waiting for my tablets to dissolve, and we got Scarlett's water bowl out and gave her some water. One of the men came out the back of his stall for a break, he saw Scarlett, went back into his stall, and came out with a Wurst. The man asked me "can she have some Wurst?" For anyone who doesn't know Wurst is German sausage. "I replied to the man "Yes of course, thank you for your kindness." So we sat there whilst a very spoiled Scarlett got fussed by the stall owner and continued to eat her Wurst. Typical Scarlett!

We wandered around a bit more then headed back to the car, and back home. When we got home Scarlett's Christmas jumper was waiting for her...

Scarlett seemed impressed by the jumper as her tale was wagging! 

Moral of the story is if you go to a Christmas Market charge for any rollator rides, as you are the person using the rollator, and always remember that you will be stopped if your dog is super cute, and they will be fed Sausage!

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Frugalbridetobe said…
This post has made me chuckle, and really want to go to a Christmas market!!!
Hey! Thank you for the kind comment. ❤️I am so happy it made you chuckle! You should go to one, when the Christmas Markets start again November/ December time. 😊x
Stacey Gray said…
Love this post! Scarlett is sooo cute, I’d share my sausage with her any day πŸ˜‚❤️ X
Hey Stacey! Thank you so much for the kind comments! Scarlett is very cute when she behaves herself! Haha. Hahaha thank you! πŸ˜‚❤️ X
Unknown said…
That place looks breath taking and omg that doggo is sooooo cute! Great job!
Thank you for your lovely comment! 😊🌸x
Stacey said…
Haha Sounds like A fun day out
xsineadxannax said…
How cute is Scarlett? I’m determined to go to as many Christmas markets this year with the wife x
Carpediemeire said…
I always like to hear your take on things. I was wondering what was wrong with the xmas market so scrolled back up and saw the pun 😳. Thanks for an entertaining read

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