The one where I had ended up with Puppy Vomit, then she saved my life

For my 21st birthday my amazing Mum allowed me to get a puppy, with the promise I step up to the mark with vet bills, food, pet insurance etc. I stepped up and to this day I pay for Scarlett, and I am so happy I do.
Look at how cute she is!
I was so thrilled to get Scarlett, and she was, and still is just a bundle of joy. My Mum immediately put some house rules in place. She could run outside, go for walks, run downstairs, but was not allowed in the bedroom. Well the bedroom rule lasted all of 5 minutes.... I had only had Scarlett for a few hours when she ran at rapid speed up the stairs! Luckily at that point in time, I had 11/2 working legs, so I could just about climb the stairs. She had never been upstairs, yet she ran straight to my bedroom. I got up to my bedroom, huffing and puffing... I knew I should be putting more hours at the gym!
She was so fast and full of energy, and just endless, she just did not tire, I on the hand, was exhausted chasing around after her! In the time she was exploring the house she peed in my Mum's washing basket. OMG I have never heard my Mum so steaming, but I said to her "don't shout around the dog, it will upset her!" So my Mum just glared at me. Then Scarlett tripped my poor visually impaired brother up. By this point my brother was 6ft 1 so he fell like a tree. THEN when I put Scazzy's puppy food out, she golloped it all up. Massive, massive mistake... I should of known.

It came to bed time at 11pm and Scarlett was finally exhausted. I laid in my bed, in my brand new Snoopy pyjamas. Scarlett was laid on my chest.
Look at how cute Scazzy is asleep on my chest.. she didn't vomit that time

About an hour  or two later I woke up, Scazzy wasn't on my chest. Luckily, I fell asleep with the light on, so I could see that she was sat on the floor. I felt wet, which was not a good sign, and then I noticed... I HAD PUPPY VOMIT ALL OVER MY NEW PYJAMAS AND MY NEW BED! At first I did think it was me that was sick.
I screamed and my Mum came through, "what is going on!?" I looked at her in shock "Ewwww either I have been sick or Scarlett has" My mum said "when was the last time you ate puppy biscuits?" I was slightly perplexed and I said"What are you on about!? My Mum looked at me and said "The vomit has dog biscuits in, its Scazzy!"
Scarlett was sat on the floor looking all adorable, and my Mum didn't tell Scarlett off... Oh no... she told me off. "Ruth I told you not to bring Scarlett upstairs, but as usual you never flaming listen." I began to grovel saying "I'm sorry...I didn't think." I think my Mum enjoyed the grovelling...
In the end my Mum stripped the bed and I had to hot wash my pyjamas and take a shower. Luckily, Scarlett didn't end up a hot dog!

On another note Scarlett saved my life. I was waiting for heart surgery, and again I was laid in bed with Scarlett (my Mum gave up on the no upstairs rule.) and Scarlett began to whine and bark in my face,and  again she was laid on my chest. I shot awake, and I realised my heart was racing and I couldn't breathe, and I needed my medication. The noise Scarlett made alerted my Mum and myself. If I had stayed asleep I could of died...

Moral of the story is let your dog vomit on you and she may just save your life.
My lucky star, and life saver.
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Latisha Porter said…
Very nice blog! Dogs are very smart and will protect you at all costs.
Laura Jukonyte said…
Dogs are so damn clever!!!! I'm glad your little Scarlett realised that you needed your meds. She is so cute as well <3. Take care. Laura |
Hey Latisha Porter. Thank you so much for the comment. 😊 Yeah before I got Scarlett, I just thought dogs were cute, and then I got her, and realised how protective and smart they are. X

Hey Laura Jukonyt. Thank you very much for the comment. 😊 Yeah I was lucky she realised. Awww thank you. 😊 I will take a look at your blog, 😊You take care too. X
Kate goodger said…
Oh my goodness we don't deserve dogs. How amazing she did that, I wish my dog would notice things,so far he has been fine with us being burgled! However he did alert us to the fact the fire alarm was going off although obviously we already knew haha. Loved reading this xxx
Hey Kate! Thank you so much for the comment. 😊I know I feel very blessed to have my dog, us humans are lucky to have loyal animals. It’s so amazing that she saved my life. Awww bless him, your dog is male, so like most men they never notice anything! Haha! πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ thank for the lovely comment. I hope you and other readers visit again. 😊 xxx

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