The one where I got to hold a Yellow Bearded Dragon

This is going to be a short story, so grab a cuppa, put your feet up, relax and enjoy.

Back in August 2016 I was having a cruddy time with my health, and again I found myself in my 4 wheel chariot, "The wheelchair." I was continuing to get out and about, on some adventures. This is one of those adventures.

It was a warm summer's day in the UK, not the drought we've had this Summer! There was a lovely summer breeze that ruffled your hair. My partner, Gareth and my Mum decided to take me to the park. Gareth pushed me in the lovely breeze to the local park, where there is something called "The Animal Conservatory" with parrots, canaries, fish, and reptiles. The birds were in massive netted cages, with trees and perches to fly to. The fish were in decent sized tanks, and the reptiles were in either tanks or big cages, depending on their natural habitat.

We wandered around The Animal Conservatory, where usually you only see a taciturn park ranger, who nod and carry on with their jobs, but instead I was lucky. We were looking at all the different lizards. My Mum is not a massive fan of Lizards and kept backing away from the tanks. Gareth and I were laughing at her reactions. At one point she hid behind my wheelchair when one the lizards came close to the front of the tank! The park ranger came over and spoke to my Mum. "Are you scared Missus?" Mum came from behind the wheelchair, "I am a bit, I am not a massive fan of reptiles in general." The park ranger just laughed and said "They can't escape." The park ranger turned to me and asked "Do you like lizards, and other reptiles?" In response I said "Yeah definitely, I held a snake here when I was young on a school trip. I have always wanted to hold a Bearded Dragon. I doubt I will ever get the chance... but you never know." The Park ranger looked at the top tank "Do you know what that reptile is?" I said in response "Yes its a Yellow Bearded Dragon, I watched a nature documentary about them." The Park ranger then made my dreams come true "You are right. He is called George. Would you like to hold him?" I sat in my wheelchair, in shock. I started to grin and said "Oh my goodness yes please!"

The Park ranger went around the back of the different tanks, and got George, the Yellow Bearded Dragon out. The Park ranger showed me how to hold George, and then my dream came true.  In case you can't tell, I LOVE BEARDED DRAGONS!!!!

The park ranger explained how bearded dragons and other reptiles, can identify when a person is ill. He couldn't believe how still George was, he said "last time I George out, he tried to escape, and the person didn't get to hold him. You must be special." I said with a laugh "Yeah, special needed!" Everyone laughed. The ranger asked why I was in a wheelchair, and I told him about my boring health.

We all had to speak quietly as to not scare George, but he didn't seemed phased by the change to his environment. I couldn't believe how scaly, yet soft George was. Once or twice he looked into my eyes, and I almost felt a connection. He was so majestic and beautiful. George was just looking at his surroundings, and interestingly put his claw on my scar where I had my heart surgery. Animals can really tell when something is different. I got to hold George for about 30 minutes. I loved George. He was so calming, and just seemed so relaxed. Shockingly, Gareth even gave him a little stroke, which was rather unexpected given his normal aversion to certain textures! Apparently, he loves lizards too, though he draws the line at snakes!
Gareth got a snap of me. George is just like "I'm chllling."
The ranger put George back in his tank. I have to say George had dug his claws into me, as he didn't want to leave me. I said "Mum can we take him home?" The ranger laughed at my Mum's reaction "ABSOLUTELY NOT!"

That day was so special to me. Thank you to the park ranger for making that day special and a massive thank you to George, the majestic, beautiful and magical yellow bearded dragon.

It only takes a small gesture to make someones day. Remember kindness is the key to life.

There is a moral to the story I will not allow my Mum to hide behind my wheelchair, she has to confront her fear!

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Jo said…
Aww what a lovely post! Quite jealous you got to hold George - would love a wee lizardy friend! 🦎
Awww thank you for th kind comment Jo. 😊❤️You should get a lizard friend! πŸ˜€πŸŒΈ
This is an incredible story! It made me so happy to think that there are nice people still in the world, I went to a garden center the other day where they had a table of three owls out, cleary loved by the owner. I was the only person that day that got to hold all of them and he even got out the baby parrot which was only five weeks old. It made me feel so special and happy! I love that these sorts of things exist, i love reptiles as well especially tortoises! I would love to own a few eventually, amazing post! This has finished my day so well after reading it.
Aww thank you for your lovely comment. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ Wow! Owls are amazing! That is so amazing that you got to hold 3 owls! Baby parrots are so cute! It’s wonderful you got to hold a baby parrot! 😊 Animals always make us feel special. 😊 Wow, snap! I would love a pet tortoise as well, but I doubt my dog would be impressed, so I think I may have to rave the tortoise idea! Haha! 😊🌸
Earthboundstars said…
Sounds fun! I wish I was brave enough to hold little scale friends!
Aww thank you for your comment Earthboundstars. Well you are brave in other ways. 😊 All humans are scared of something. 😊
Unknown said…
What a beautiful story! Thank you for the reminder!
Aww thank you for your kind comment Leah. 😊🌸
WuWay said…
Such a lovely story! Bearded dragons are wonderful fellows; i had no idea they were so sensitive. Great post, thank you for sharing :)
Aww thank you for your lovely comment Wuway. They are wonderful fellows. I was also quite shocked at how sensitive the bearded dragon was. 😊🦎
Kimia said…
You're sooooo braveπŸ˜… I'm so afraid to touch any reptiles 😢😢
It was a lovely story to read though, great jobπŸ™‚πŸŒ»
Aww thank you for your kind comment Kimia!❤️ Yeah lots of people don’t like reptiles, but you will be brave in other ways. 😊🌸🌻❤️
khadija said…
What a story! <3 I wish I was brave enough to do that.. Have a wonderful day! <3
Aww thank you Khadija for the kind comment.❤️ You are brave, just brave in a different way! Have an amazing day! ❤️
Lozza said…
Awww I love bearded dragons!! I want one so much!! Xo
Kay said…
Lovely write up dear.There was warmth and love along with a penchant for writing from the heart. Bless your soul dear
Aww Lozza! Thank you for your kind comment! πŸ’œπŸ’œ I hope you get to hold one, one day, or have one as a pet. 😊🌸xxxx

Aww Kay! Thank you for the sweet comment! πŸ’œπŸ’œ This means a lot to me. I always try to write from the heart. 😊🌸 xxxx

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