Short Story: Matron and The ECG.

I am gathering that my lovely reader, like yourself, like my short stories, so I have another one.

When I was 15, was the first time my doctor discovered I had a heart problem. At the time I did think to myself well at least I have a heart. The doctor sent me for an ECG which looks at your heart rhythm. The nurse was lovely and reassured me everything would be fine. Everything was fine until at the of the test I saw the nurse's face.She just blanched. I even heard her gulp! Luckily the doctor was next door. The nurse told me to stay where I was. I don't know where she thought I was going, when I had my top off, and I was still hooked up to an ECG machine. The nurse calmly walked back in and said "the doctor said you can go home, personally I am not sure you should be." Well that really made me feel comfortable. I got dressed again, left the ECG machine behind and went home. Two hours later my Mum got a panicked phone call from the doctor saying "Mrs S get Ruth down to the Acute Assessment Unit now!" I was just in the middle of messaging my friends on Myspace... yes Myspace, this was the days of Myspace, not Facebook!

So my Mum hurriedly help me pack an overnight bag and we went down to the hospital. We got there, and I went to the nurses station at the Acute Assessment Unit, and explained who I was. The nurse smiled, and said "just let me look if you are on the system, just take a seat in the visitors area."Well I had barely sat down in the visitors area and she came running in, and transferred me into a hospital wheelchair, and told my Mum to wait in the visitors area. I said to the nurse "I am breathing, it's okay, don't hurt yourself." I had obviously missed something. I was put into a cubicle told to get into my pyjamas and get into bed. 2 minutes later she returned with a blood pressure and ECG machine, and hooked me up straight away. I even had a canula fitted, with fluids going in. I had no idea what was going on. Finally, I got the courage to say to the nurse "Nurse what is going on?" She explained that my heart was beating erratically and they were not sure what was going to happen. She offered a cup of tea and I accepted.

For a couple of hours my Mum sat with me, and we were both in shock. Neither of us had noticed the pull down TV. My Mum went and bought a TV card, and I set the TV up, we were sat chatting about Eastenders, when all of a sudden BEEEEEEEPPPPPP. I had started to flat line, there was no heart beat, pulse or anything. My Mum said "Love are you okay?" I just looked at her and said "well yeah I am fine, just annoyed at the machine making noise. I want to watch Eastenders!" My Mum called a nurse over, he strolled over, and I thought he was deaf, because he didn't react to the long beep! The male nurse said "what can I do for you two young ladies?" My Mum said in a worried tone "There is a flat line on her machine, and she doesn't look dead." The nurse stepped back and said "are you breathing? Can you hear me? " I looked at him in disbelief "Yes I can hear you, but I want to watch Eastenders!" the nurse smiled.  He said "I wouldn't worry Missus, just give the machine a good kick like this, and you can see her heart is beating again." The nurse gave it a good few kicks and it was beeping silently again. I flat lined three times after that. I wasn't dead, I was sat up in bed watching TV. Mum just kept kicking the machine when it flat lined.

Moral of the story: Don't interrupt me during a program, and if I look alive, just assume I am alive.

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