Matron and Pavements don’t mix

I am currently doing a long post about my weekend, which will be uploaded in a couple of days. During this wait I have another story to tell you.

I have the most amazing Mum, but she is very accident prone, and has no spacial awareness. I have just been corrected by Mum to call her Matron. She loves the Carry on Films.
So yeah Matron is a bit haphazard, but I love her.

When I was 15 years old I had surgery on my left leg, and had a fluorescent pink pot put on, to protect the stitches in my leg. I was kept in a wheelchair when going out the house. Not much change there!

Anyways, one hot summers day Matron  thought it was a bright idea to go shopping. This was no ordinary shopping trip, oh no, this was “let’s buy soil for the garden and pile it on Ruth.” So dear old Matron bought two bags of soil and piled them on me.

Matron then had the bright idea to walk home with me in the wheelchair, piled up with soil! The walk was going fine until we approach a road that we had to cross. This road had a hospital on it, and the road was full of cars leaving the hospital with doctors and patients in them. My Mum began to cross the road then.....
The Wheelchair wheels got caught on the pavement, and Matron still tried to bounce the wheelchair down the parent, and the wheelchair fell forward with me in it...the soil fell first then me!  There I was arse in the air, my fluorescent pink pot sticking out at an odd angle. I kept calling “Mum, Mum help me.” She was too busy laughing, and so were all the people in the cars.
Eventually Matron composed herself and lifted the wheelchair up, then put the soil and I back in the wheelchair. Then Matron made a joke... “I hope you didn’t soil yourself!”
I began to laugh, but from that moment on I braced myself for pavements!

Moral of the story, never trust Matron to have spatial awareness! Oh and don’t let her go shopping whilst I am in the wheelchair!

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