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Mental Health is overlooked

I usually put humour into my writing, but there is no way I can put humour into this one. So readers be warned. This is a journey, and its a hard one.

I went to my Mum's Sunday afternoon. We had a lovely Sunday lunch, and then spent the evening chatting, and watching TV. We chatted about my Nana. The fond memories we have, as it is four years since she passed away, nevertheless we still had laugh reminiscing, watched TV, and were just being a family. It got to 7:30 pm and I said to my Mum, "We are off now." So we gathered our leftovers together. My Mum always stocks us up with leftovers in the chinese canisters. We headed out the front door, into the front garden, and were laughing and saying our "see you later, and love you"
Then we hear a very slurred and a voice full of tears. "Excuse me love, have you got a cigarette." I went to the front gate and said " No mate, none of use smoke." The young man, who we shall call "Bobby" said…


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