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Don’t panic! A simple, three step guide to managing anxiety

Don’t panic! A simple, three step guide to managing anxiety.
Anxiety and it’s associated panic attacks can be crippling, and a lot of the time it is hard to understand and even harder to rationalise. Many people treat anxiety as something to be banished, defeated, cured, but in a lot of cases, that can only exacerbate your symptoms. My fiancé suffers from anxiety, and the effect on his life has been horrible, but recently, we’ve managed to get a handle on it and the improvements have been unreal! Acceptance is key, because once you put a face to the demon, you can start to manage it better. In this, I’ll run through three steps you can use to help you, from the moment of an attack.

1. Breathe!
Something happens, you have to go somewhere, you get news that hits you, and it starts. Your chest tightens, pure dread runs through your head, bouncing around off the inside of your skull like the scene from Flubber (yes, I put the video in below, it's hilarious!) The world shrinks and every…


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